Why Kaitlyn Doesn't Face Forward...

A couple of weeks before we arrived in Miami for the one-week getaway, we ordered Kaitlyn's "big girl" car seat.  We had it shipped to Miami so we could start using it while we were there.  She was still in her infant Snugride and it was definitely time for the new seat.  I purposely bought a convertible seat that could be installed rear-facing so we had the option to keep her rear-facing for a bit longer.  I knew that she had to be at least 20lbs. AND one year-old to move to forward-facing, but I also knew that those requirements were the minimum and had always heard that keeping a child rear-facing until 2 years-old was safest.  I was still up in the air on which way we would install it.  As we got closer to actually using the new car seat, I got excited at the thought of switching her to forward-facing.  It would be such a new experience for her--to be able to see Mommy & Daddy while in the car, to see out the front window and check out the scenery more than she could while rear-faced....how fun!

Well, a couple of days before we left for Miami I saw this post from Ariana at Becoming Mom.  After watching the video (I posted it below), I was no longer up in the air and I was no longer excited for her to have a better view.  I still feel like Kaitlyn is a little peanut and has always been under weight.  So, while she is over 20 lbs, it's not by much.  (She was 22 lbs. on the luggage scale at the airport on Sunday).  Would she enjoy being forward-facing?  Absolutely!  Is she completely miserable in the car while rear-facing?  Not at all!  We've been lucky that she's a good passenger and doesn't mind being rear-facing.  I know I may seem over protective and paranoid, but I figure there really is nothing more important than her safety and I'd hate for something to happen and regret not doing what is best for her for the sake of making car rides more "fun".

Please watch the video and pass it on to anyone you know with small children:

(If you are reading this post in an email, click here to see the video).


Mama G said...

Good choice on your part. We need that precious little girl to be as safe as possible. xoxoxoxoxoxo

Shawn said...

I haven't seen the video yet because I'm at work, but I probably don't have to. I agree completely with keeping babies rear facing as long as possible. I've read in more than one place that recommendations to move a child forward facing at one year are way too premature because the spine is too underdeveloped at that point to take the impact that a crash would have on it by facing forward. By facing back, the impact of a crash from either front or back would just push the baby back into the seat, thereby reducing the jolt. Jordan is already pretty long, so I'm not sure he'll be able to sit comfortably in a rear facing seat for long, but it's my plan to make it as long as possible.

Michelle T. said...

Thanks, Shawn. Within the first few seconds of watching the video my mind was made up. Then after seeing the crash test babies being jolted around I knew I was doing the right thing. Too bad the recommendations/laws haven't officially changed. They should.

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