She Doesn't Stop Climbing!

Since we've been in the hotel, Kaitlyn has found lots of new obstacles to continue practicing her climbing skills.  It amazes us just how quick and how skilled she is at climbing.  Why can't she perfect something a little less dangerous?? 

Within our first couple of days, she quickly jumped into the bidet.  I know...GROSS...but we couldn't resist getting the picture.  (In case you hadn't heard the story, a couple of weeks before we moved out of the apartment, we found her standing in the toilet....fully clothed, mid-shin deep.)  She's such a lady!
Yesterday when we got home, she ran to her room and before we could get to her, she had the trash can flipped upsidedown and was practicing her circus skills.  Seriously, what makes her think to do that??
This is what our dining area looks like.  We have to keep all the chairs like this or she will climb right on top of the table.  She's quick and she's determined....not sure how proud we should be.
It's going to be a long summer for Mommy while we're living in the apartment without Daddy!


Kaitlyn Helps Out at Church

Today was our last Sunday in Quito, which meant our last Sunday at our church.  At last week's mass, one of the parishioners suggested that Kaitlyn collect the offerings this week.  Father jokingly said they'd have to watch her closely because she might run off with the money since it would be her last week. 

We weren't sure what to expect from her, but she did a great job.  She seemed quite proud of herself, too!

At the end of the service, our family was called up to the front to formally say goodbye and thank us for our loyalty with the church.  While Ron and I were standing up there, Kaitlyn walked behind us and picked up the basket of offerings she had collected earlier and started to walk away.  Everyone got a kick out of that!  I guess Father was right...she's no dummy!  :)


Bookworm in the Making

We're lucky that Kaitlyn really seems to love books.  She has always enjoyed our story times, but more recently we have gotten a kick out of watching her grab a book from her drawer, walking it over to her glider, climbing up and thumbing through the pages.  A couple of days ago, she decided to just climb into the drawer itself.

One of her favorite books is "Give Me Grace: A Child's Daybook of Prayers" by Cynthia Rylant.  I happen to love it, too.  I read each day's prayer to her every morning and she still gets excited everytime I get it out of her book drawer.  The prayers are simple and cute and the illustrations are colorful and bright.  She loves sitting in her glider just flipping through the pages pointing out the dogs, the cats, the "bum" (bumble bee), etc. 

She loves the book so much that many of the pages are torn and taped together.  I'll be buying her a new copy this week.  The last page of the book just says "Amen" and she now knows just when to say it.   :)


'Nole Chick

You may have noticed my FSU maternity shirt in my last pregnancy post.  Ron surprised me with it earlier this year.  It's awesome and I love it.  Speaking of FSU and bring a proud 'Nole, check out this clip of Kaitlyn melting Mommy's garnet & gold heart.  She really shines in the first 10 seconds, then I kept recording because she was too darn cute to stop. :)


What I'll Miss About Ecuador - Part III

A few more things I'll miss about Ecuador:

  • Being in the same time zone (for at least 6 months of the year) as family.  We will soon be 7 hours ahead of everyone.  It's going to be such an adjustment!
  • DirecTV Puerto Rico and the Miami channels on TVCable.  I loved getting local news channels from Miami.  It kept us connected to what was happening back home.  And although we missed out our first year in country, getting DirecTV Puerto Rico was a Godsend.  We never missed any of our shows and probably watched way more TV than we should have, but it was a nice luxury.
  • 110 watt electricity.  I will soon discover what it's like to rely on power converters and I'm told to prepare for appliances to blow out.  Fun!
  • Amusing (and often horrible) street entertainment.  At just about any street intersection you'll see jugglers, fire breathers, dancers or any combo of those.  You can also do all of your Christmas shopping from the comfort of your car at the right street corner. :)
 Ok, so these last few aren't exactly specific to only Ecuador, but they will all be missed!


Pregnancy: Week 27

Month 6 (weeks 25-28): Let your spouse put an ear to your belly -- he might be able to pick up baby's heartbeat (no stethoscope required). Inside the womb, the formation of tiny capillaries is giving baby a healthy pink glow. Baby's also soaking up your antibodies, getting the immune system ready for life outside the womb. Eyes are forming, and baby will soon perfect the blink -- perfect for batting those freshly grown lashes.

And the latest belly bump pic:
No new updates on the baby front.  All is status quo and we still haven't decided on any of the following: name, bedding, furniture. And that is just driving me a wee bit crazy.

But, first, I suppose we need to focus on our move.  Pack out starts in just 5 days.  This is our last week in our apartment, this weekend will be the last weekend we have a car and I'm very much looking forward to using the 2 body massage certficates I have for the hotel spa when it's all over. :)


Bacteria in the Bathtub

Earlier this year, The Today Show did a week long series called "Secret Filth Exposed".  I was especially interested in the close look at bath toys and the germs they harbor.  You would think that bath toys stay pretty clean...afterall, they are bathed in soupy water just about everyday.  Well, Ron and I were both pretty grossed out by the investigation, but never inspected Kaitlyn's bath toys.

It's the "squirt" toys that are the worst.  Kaitlyn has had a bunch of bath animals that squirt water and she loves them.  A couple of nights ago as Ron squirted one of the toys, some black yuckiness squirted out with the water.  We immediately thought back to the Today Show investigation.  Ron grabbed his pocket knife and began disecting the animals.  Some were not so bad, but a couple of them were gross!  This little seal looks innocent enough on the outside:

But take a look at what was growing inside:

Needless to say, we immediately got rid of all of them and won't be buying anymore toys that have holes where water can get it.  Yucky!

You can check out the actual investigation here:


What I'll Miss About Ecuador - Part II

Some more things I'll/we'll miss about Ecuador:

  • very affordable services.  I had my first ever full body massage while in Quito and I couldn't tell you how many more I've had throughout our time here.  It was so cheap (compared to the States) that it was hard to pass up!  Semi-frequent trips to the salon for a quick mani/pedi were such a luxury and only cost a small fraction of what it would cost at home.
  • Not having to figure currency conversions.  We were lucky that Ecuador uses the U.S. Dollar for their currency!
  • Volcano/Mountain climbing.  Ron wanted me to mention that he will miss all of the outdoor activities available.  He climbed various volcanoes and loved every minute of it.
  • Roses.  Although roses are not my favorite flower, I do like them.  What girl doesn't?  Being that roses are the #1 export of Ecuador, they are EVERYWHERE and they are CHEAP!  The turndown service at the hotel most people stay at not only includes a chocolate, but also a beautiful single rose on your pillow.  Every night of your stay.  It is not uncommon to see large, beautiful arrangements at resutaurants...even the not-so-fancy restaurants.  We bought roses for the house fairly frequently, just because they were so cheap.  We could easily buy a dozen for $2 at the grocery store.  Here are a some of the bouquets we've bought or I've received for special occasions:


Messy Eater

Last night, Kaitlyn went to town on a bowl of spaghetti and like last time, because it was just before bath time, we just let her have fun.
Then it was clean up time!


Kaitlyn is 15 months old!

I know it has been a while since I've done milestone updates about Kaitlyn. And I'm ashamed to admit that I never got her 12 month picture with the big pink bear. How awful is that? After all those months, I drop the ball on the very last one! I'm ashamed. Since yesterday (again, I'm late) was Kaitlyn's 15 month birthday, I thought I'd bring everyone up to speed on what she's up to.

What's almost as shameful?  I haven't taken any pictures of her since her haircut.  Gasp...I know!

At 15 months, Kaitlyn:
  • weighs approx. 20(ish) pounds. We put her on the scale at the Health Unit the other day (fully clothed, shoes and all) and she weighed in at a whopping 22 lbs.
  • is wearing size 3 diapers.
  • is wearing size 12 month clothes (but some of them are still a little big and she occasionally wears a size 9 month.
  • has 6 teeth (4 on top and 2 on bottom).
  • is saying SOOO much! She surprises us every day with new words. She now says "please" and has started to say "thank you". Some words that she says regularly: baba (bottle), wawa (water), mama, dada, binky, hi, bye bye, done, up, down, baby and she will pretty much attempt to repeat anything we say...whether we want her to or not.
  • loves her music. She's started to learn the words to some of her favorite songs. It's so cute!
  • is still climbing on EVERYTHING! She has no fear. I guess she gets her sense of adventure from her Daddy.
  • got her first haircut on Monday, April 19.
  • is more than walking...she runs. 
  • blows kisses to people.
  • knows some of her numbers.  Since we live on the ninth floor of our building, we always count the floors as we go up.  One day Ron counted to 8 and she excitedly said "NINE!"
  • can point out numerous items in her books..."where's the flower?", "where's the heart?", etc.
I'm sure there is so much more that she's doing that I'm forgetting.  She really is quite the little genius. ;)  This will be Kaitlyn's last month in Ecuador.  We will fly to Miami on her 16 month birthday. Yay!
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