Bacteria in the Bathtub

Earlier this year, The Today Show did a week long series called "Secret Filth Exposed".  I was especially interested in the close look at bath toys and the germs they harbor.  You would think that bath toys stay pretty clean...afterall, they are bathed in soupy water just about everyday.  Well, Ron and I were both pretty grossed out by the investigation, but never inspected Kaitlyn's bath toys.

It's the "squirt" toys that are the worst.  Kaitlyn has had a bunch of bath animals that squirt water and she loves them.  A couple of nights ago as Ron squirted one of the toys, some black yuckiness squirted out with the water.  We immediately thought back to the Today Show investigation.  Ron grabbed his pocket knife and began disecting the animals.  Some were not so bad, but a couple of them were gross!  This little seal looks innocent enough on the outside:

But take a look at what was growing inside:

Needless to say, we immediately got rid of all of them and won't be buying anymore toys that have holes where water can get it.  Yucky!

You can check out the actual investigation here:

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