Bookworm in the Making

We're lucky that Kaitlyn really seems to love books.  She has always enjoyed our story times, but more recently we have gotten a kick out of watching her grab a book from her drawer, walking it over to her glider, climbing up and thumbing through the pages.  A couple of days ago, she decided to just climb into the drawer itself.

One of her favorite books is "Give Me Grace: A Child's Daybook of Prayers" by Cynthia Rylant.  I happen to love it, too.  I read each day's prayer to her every morning and she still gets excited everytime I get it out of her book drawer.  The prayers are simple and cute and the illustrations are colorful and bright.  She loves sitting in her glider just flipping through the pages pointing out the dogs, the cats, the "bum" (bumble bee), etc. 

She loves the book so much that many of the pages are torn and taped together.  I'll be buying her a new copy this week.  The last page of the book just says "Amen" and she now knows just when to say it.   :)


Mom T said...

So Precious!!!! She's a real sweetheart. Counting the days til you are here. :)

Sofia Miranda said...

She really can't be any more adorable!!!! I love the book to, thanks to you. :)

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