Kaitlyn Helps Out at Church

Today was our last Sunday in Quito, which meant our last Sunday at our church.  At last week's mass, one of the parishioners suggested that Kaitlyn collect the offerings this week.  Father jokingly said they'd have to watch her closely because she might run off with the money since it would be her last week. 

We weren't sure what to expect from her, but she did a great job.  She seemed quite proud of herself, too!

At the end of the service, our family was called up to the front to formally say goodbye and thank us for our loyalty with the church.  While Ron and I were standing up there, Kaitlyn walked behind us and picked up the basket of offerings she had collected earlier and started to walk away.  Everyone got a kick out of that!  I guess Father was right...she's no dummy!  :)

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