Kaitlyn is 15 months old!

I know it has been a while since I've done milestone updates about Kaitlyn. And I'm ashamed to admit that I never got her 12 month picture with the big pink bear. How awful is that? After all those months, I drop the ball on the very last one! I'm ashamed. Since yesterday (again, I'm late) was Kaitlyn's 15 month birthday, I thought I'd bring everyone up to speed on what she's up to.

What's almost as shameful?  I haven't taken any pictures of her since her haircut.  Gasp...I know!

At 15 months, Kaitlyn:
  • weighs approx. 20(ish) pounds. We put her on the scale at the Health Unit the other day (fully clothed, shoes and all) and she weighed in at a whopping 22 lbs.
  • is wearing size 3 diapers.
  • is wearing size 12 month clothes (but some of them are still a little big and she occasionally wears a size 9 month.
  • has 6 teeth (4 on top and 2 on bottom).
  • is saying SOOO much! She surprises us every day with new words. She now says "please" and has started to say "thank you". Some words that she says regularly: baba (bottle), wawa (water), mama, dada, binky, hi, bye bye, done, up, down, baby and she will pretty much attempt to repeat anything we say...whether we want her to or not.
  • loves her music. She's started to learn the words to some of her favorite songs. It's so cute!
  • is still climbing on EVERYTHING! She has no fear. I guess she gets her sense of adventure from her Daddy.
  • got her first haircut on Monday, April 19.
  • is more than walking...she runs. 
  • blows kisses to people.
  • knows some of her numbers.  Since we live on the ninth floor of our building, we always count the floors as we go up.  One day Ron counted to 8 and she excitedly said "NINE!"
  • can point out numerous items in her books..."where's the flower?", "where's the heart?", etc.
I'm sure there is so much more that she's doing that I'm forgetting.  She really is quite the little genius. ;)  This will be Kaitlyn's last month in Ecuador.  We will fly to Miami on her 16 month birthday. Yay!

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Nana G said...

I agrea,she is a genius. And an adorable one at that. Can't wait to spend the summer with her. xoxox

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