She Doesn't Stop Climbing!

Since we've been in the hotel, Kaitlyn has found lots of new obstacles to continue practicing her climbing skills.  It amazes us just how quick and how skilled she is at climbing.  Why can't she perfect something a little less dangerous?? 

Within our first couple of days, she quickly jumped into the bidet.  I know...GROSS...but we couldn't resist getting the picture.  (In case you hadn't heard the story, a couple of weeks before we moved out of the apartment, we found her standing in the toilet....fully clothed, mid-shin deep.)  She's such a lady!
Yesterday when we got home, she ran to her room and before we could get to her, she had the trash can flipped upsidedown and was practicing her circus skills.  Seriously, what makes her think to do that??
This is what our dining area looks like.  We have to keep all the chairs like this or she will climb right on top of the table.  She's quick and she's determined....not sure how proud we should be.
It's going to be a long summer for Mommy while we're living in the apartment without Daddy!

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