What I'll Miss About Ecuador - Part II

Some more things I'll/we'll miss about Ecuador:

  • very affordable services.  I had my first ever full body massage while in Quito and I couldn't tell you how many more I've had throughout our time here.  It was so cheap (compared to the States) that it was hard to pass up!  Semi-frequent trips to the salon for a quick mani/pedi were such a luxury and only cost a small fraction of what it would cost at home.
  • Not having to figure currency conversions.  We were lucky that Ecuador uses the U.S. Dollar for their currency!
  • Volcano/Mountain climbing.  Ron wanted me to mention that he will miss all of the outdoor activities available.  He climbed various volcanoes and loved every minute of it.
  • Roses.  Although roses are not my favorite flower, I do like them.  What girl doesn't?  Being that roses are the #1 export of Ecuador, they are EVERYWHERE and they are CHEAP!  The turndown service at the hotel most people stay at not only includes a chocolate, but also a beautiful single rose on your pillow.  Every night of your stay.  It is not uncommon to see large, beautiful arrangements at resutaurants...even the not-so-fancy restaurants.  We bought roses for the house fairly frequently, just because they were so cheap.  We could easily buy a dozen for $2 at the grocery store.  Here are a some of the bouquets we've bought or I've received for special occasions:

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Dad said...

I know you are looking forward to leaving and we can't wait to have you home for a while. Once you get here you'll probably start remembering more good things about Quito.

Things don't seem so bad when you know they are behind you.

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