What I'll Miss About Ecuador - Part III

A few more things I'll miss about Ecuador:

  • Being in the same time zone (for at least 6 months of the year) as family.  We will soon be 7 hours ahead of everyone.  It's going to be such an adjustment!
  • DirecTV Puerto Rico and the Miami channels on TVCable.  I loved getting local news channels from Miami.  It kept us connected to what was happening back home.  And although we missed out our first year in country, getting DirecTV Puerto Rico was a Godsend.  We never missed any of our shows and probably watched way more TV than we should have, but it was a nice luxury.
  • 110 watt electricity.  I will soon discover what it's like to rely on power converters and I'm told to prepare for appliances to blow out.  Fun!
  • Amusing (and often horrible) street entertainment.  At just about any street intersection you'll see jugglers, fire breathers, dancers or any combo of those.  You can also do all of your Christmas shopping from the comfort of your car at the right street corner. :)
 Ok, so these last few aren't exactly specific to only Ecuador, but they will all be missed!

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