A Day in the Capital

While in DC, we took the opportunity to show Kaitlyn some of the sites.  Ron's cousin (and Kaitlyn's Godfather), his fiance and son drove down from Ohio last night so we got to spend the day with them, as well.
It was a gorgeous day in D.C.!  Kaitlyn took a moment to share her "O's" with a friend.

Next stop, The Vietnam Memorial:

My favorite picture of the day:

Kaitlyn blew kisses to the statues of female nurses honored for their work in Vietnam:

Kaitlyn is having a GREAT time with PJ.  She loves having him around (even though she calls him Zach).
Taking a break in the shade with Abe:
So many ducks!!Kaitlyn loves her Godfather!
PJ sharing his frozen lemonade with Kaitlyn.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures, glad she is having a great time, can't wait to see u guys. Love, Madrina

Anonymous said...

Bummer...Nick was in DC from Sunday and just flew home today. So sorry he missed you...hope you are having fun there. It's a nice place - to VISIT at least! ;)
Love, The Bobriks

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