Is Israel Safe to Visit?

Upon telling family, friends and even strangers that we are moving to Tel Aviv, Israel, the most often asked question we get is: "Is it safe?" Heck, that was probably the first question out of my mouth when I found out we were going there! I've gone from tears of disappoint to true excitement about moving to Tel Aviv.

When we found out we were moving to Tel Aviv last year, I scoured the internet for information.  I stumbled across igoogledisrael.com.  It is a site dedicated to all things Israel...the best restaurants, bars, beaches, attractions, etc. and is written by Ashley, "an ex-Brit who went to Israel for two months and ended up staying for 18 years."  I have found tons of useful information from his site and when I saw today's post, I had to share it.  Hopefully this will encourage more of our friends to come for a visit! :)

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