Kaitlyn is swimming!

Last week, I started Mommy and Me swim lessons with Kaitlyn.  I thought it would be something fun for us to do together while teaching her some important water survival skills.  The first week of class was rough.  Kaitlyn was not happy and wanted nothing to do with learning to swim...and that was even before we went under water.  She just did not want to participate, whatsoever.  There were a lot of tears and lots of resistance from her.  On the 4th day of class it was time to go under water.  That didn't help.  She threw a fit!  I hated seeing her so upset, but I knew what we were doing was important and I would have to stick with it.  On the first day we went under water, my mom was there to take some video so we could send it to Ronnie.  It was bad.  Ronnie was not happy about seeing his girl being "tortured".  I won't share that video because it really is heartbreaking to watch.

Now, fast forward one week to today.  I'm so proud to say that our little rebellious toddler has learned that when she goes under, she comes back up and she is officially a swimmer!!  Over the last few days she's gotten calmer, cried less and really excelled and today she was a superstar!  Here's video from today's class--one week after she first went under water.

(If you're viewing this in email click here to see the video.)

I'm so impressed with how far she's come.  If you're in the South Florida area, I highly recommend Little Swimmers for lessons!

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