Kaitlyn's Day at Chuck E.Cheese's

Last Friday (Ron's last full day in the States), was deemed All-About-Kaitlyn Day.  We decided that it could possibly be the last day that we were all together with Kaitlyn as the only child.  That would mean Ron doesn't make it back in time for Baby Boy T's arrival, which I pray doesn't happen, but it is a possibility.  We had grand plans of spending the day spoiling Kaitlyn with some time at the beach, lunch at Chuck E. Cheese's, then ending the day with ice cream.  Unfortunately, Kaitlyn had a rough night the night before so that threw a monkey wrench into our morning plans.  We didn't make it to the beach, but we did all get a nap, which is way better than the beach in my opinion.  :)  We headed to Chuck E. Cheese's as soon as we woke up and had a great time. 

While I stepped away to hit the salad bar, Ron snapped this picture of himself with Kaitlyn.  This pictures screams "Daddy's Girl" and I love it so much.  It is my new favorite photo of them and it makes me smile every time. 
I wanted a shot at a Mommy/Kaitlyn equivalent, but it didn't come out nearly as cute!
Kaitlyn loves driving with Chuck E. and gave him some kisses to thank him for riding along with her.
Chuck E. singing to Kaitlyn.  She's a big fan!

It's so crazy that we are now down to just weeks before our son's arrival!  5 weeks to be exact...how did THAT happen???

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Sofia Miranda said...

That is the most adorable picture! I love how she crinkles her nose! Love it!

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