Kaitlyn's New Best Friend

Kaitlyn has a new found obsession with Elmo.  Her Nana & Papa T have a huge Tickle Me Elmo at their house and when we go over for a visit, she no longer says "Nana!" or "Papa!" when we pull up to the house.  Now she announces "Elmo!"  More recently, my mom gave me some old Sesame Street DVDs and Elmo's World was one of them.  I decided to put it on one day while I was trying to keep Kaitlyn occupied while I made dinner.  She absolutely loved it!  She walks up to the TV and says "ELMO!" every day.  The day after she saw it, as we left the house, she said "Bye-bye, Elmo!"  She can't get enough of the little red guy.

I decided to look for a plush Elmo toy and today I found one.  She was so happy!  As we made our way through Target, she kept trying to feed him apples and she threw a fit when I had to hand him over to the cashier at checkout.  Tonight I asked her if she wanted Elmo to sleep in her bed and she grabbed him before hopping on my lap for our bedtime routine.  She hugged him the whole time and once she was out, I snuck back in to take this picture.

It's so cute to see her so excited about him. :)

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Daddy said...

Ya know, that's only because daddy's not around to share all that love with ;) Miss you girls.

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