Showering Baby Boy T...

On Sunday, my friends and family threw me a beautiful baby shower!  It was a lovely day and I feel so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.

My very talented sister-in-law decorated the cake.  You can see more of her creations here: Baked With Love by Lisa 
The adorable favors done by my Mother-in-law.
One of my bestest friends, Liane, and her son, Kyle, my future son-in-law.
Mingling and playing games...
How handsome is he???
The most popular gift-we received 4 of them. :)
Co-workers turned friends.  I love these ladies. :)

The best part of the weekend?  A unexpected visit from my friend Kim!  On Saturday, I was waiting for Liane and Kyle to arrive.  As she drove up to the apartment I noticed a car driving pretty close behind her, but didn't pay attention to who was inside.  When the car stopped in front of me, I was shocked to see Kim in the passenger seat!  What a fantastic surprise!  Having her there made the day so much more special.
Sof and I in our standard pose. 
My moms and I.
Vanessa and Julie...
Janeysa and I.  Then me and the soon-to-be Big Sister, not smiling as usual.
Love the familia...

It really was such a wonderful day!  Thank you to all who helped put it together.

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