Welcome to the world, Jonathan!

On the morning of Monday, August 16, I checked into the hospital for my scheduled induction.
Everything went smoothly and after approximately 4.5 hours after my water was broken, our gorgeous boy was born. Jonathan (no middle name) arrived at 12:54pm, weighed 6lbs. 4oz. and was 19.25in. long (just like his big sister was at birth).  We literally decided on his name just after he was born.  I'm not sure why deciding on his name was so difficult, but we're happy with our decision.
We brought Kaitlyn into the room to meet her brother and as soon as she came in she said "Hi baby!"  It was adorable!
Of course Daddy was eager to dress his boy in Orange & Green...yuck! But, he wears it well and not even the ugliest of color combinations can make him look bad. :)

Proud Daddy!
We are all so in love with Jonathan! He's such a great baby.

Ready to go "home"!

I love those toes!

One of the things that brings me the most joy is watching Kaitlyn with her brother.  She is all about smothering him with kisses.  She says "Hi baby" about 200 times throughout the day and occasionally says "hold baby" when she wants to hold him.

Jonathan had a follow up with his pediatrician at 5 days old and all is well.  He weighed 6lbs. 6oz. at the doctor's office, which was great because the doctor said we could start stretching out his night time feedings.  Instead of ever 3 hours, I've been waking him up every 4 hours to eat.  Now we're just trying to get all of the last minute things taken care of before the kids and I move to Tel Aviv in approximately 6 weeks. I can't wait until we're all together in our new home!


Nana G said...

So Sweet! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Yeah! So happy to finally hear about his name & birth...I know, it was probably on Facebook, but for now, we are still holding out. Congrats to you all - he is adorable! So jealous of his little size...seems more "baby like" when they are that tiny. Love you all, The Bobriks

Papa G said...

Beautiful pictures of the whole family! Love you all,


Charmaine said...

Your little guy is gorgeous. Looks like he has blue eyes like his mama. And cute pics of him and big sis. Love to you all from Bill and Charmaine

Michelle T. said...

Thanks, Charmaine!

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