A Day of Rest and Recuperation

Yesterday, Kaitlyn woke up with a fever and it lingered for most of the day.  She was very clingy and uncharacteristically quiet and it broke my heart to see her so miserable, but I can't say I didn't love the fact that she wanted to snuggle with Mommy all day.  After a full day of fighting to get her to take alternate doses of Motrin and Tylenol (generic versions, of course), she went to bed pretty easily.  At about 9:20pm, she woke up and I went in to take her temperature.  In one ear it was 103.8 and 104.6 in the other.  I immediately called our parents to let them know I was taking her to the ER.  My mom rushed over to help out since I would have to take Jonathan with us.  She suggested we go to an Urgent Care Center instead and I'm so glad she did. We were in and out in about 2 hours.  I'm sure the ER would have been at least an 8 hour visit.

I hated having to make the phone call to Ron telling him that I was taking Kaitlyn to the ER.  I wished he were here with us, but thankfully our first late night trip to urgent care wasn't too scary and Kaitlyn was such a trooper!  She was miserable and cried "all done" every time someone came into the room, but she was so cooperative. She did everything they asked and even took her medicine without a fight.  After negative results for an ear infection, the flu and strep we were sent home and told it was just a virus that needed to run its course.

This morning, the fever was gone!  We spent the day inside resting, recuperating and staying dry.  I decided to take out the camera to document the day...

After our nap, Kaitlyn tried on some clothes.  She's recently started going through random drawers of clothes and wearing everything she finds...all at the same time.  What you can't see in the pictures below is that she was wearing one of Jonathan's onesies on her right leg.

We did some coloring and drawing.  I showed her how to write her name and when I wrote the lowercase "t", she said "Jesus".  We've taught her that Jesus is on the cross at church. :)

 We watched some Sesame Street videos on You Tube. 
Mommy "checked ears" (as Kaitlyn calls it) many times throughout the day and luckily, this was as high it got.
 And since fevers require cooling off, we've had quite a few of these in the last two days.
 We worked with flash cards.
And we read lots of books.
Despite the yucky weather outside and fighting off the yucky virus, we had a fun day.   I'm pretty sure she'll be feeling even better tomorrow.

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Daddy said...

I know it takes a lot to keep her entertained all day indoors. Good job and cute pictures. Can't wait to see you in a week!

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