Fun at Nana & Papa G's House

I took Kaitlyn over to Nana & Papa G's house tonight for a sleepover.  They offered to keep her for the night so I can get some extra sleep in the morning.  (I can't wait!)  I stayed for a bit and watched the kids play.  I'm going to miss times like these once we move.
Zachary was so eager to hold Jonathan.  He even went to wash is hands before he asked to hold him.
Silly cousins.
After dinner, Nana gave them ice cream cones!
Want some, Nana?
Kaitlyn was in heaven when Zachary decided he didn't want his anymore.
She can't get enough!  (Don't worry Daddy, she didn't eat both of them.)
I was standing a bit too close when I took this one, but I still love it!


Daddy said...

Great pictures, Zachary looks like he's doing a good job with Jonathan. Can't believe Zach didn't want the rest of his cone, not too surprised that Kaitlyn snagged it...that's my girl!! Enjoy these times!

Nana G said...

I'm gonna miss these times too.

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