Random Updates

  • Ron is officially back in Tel Aviv and we're counting down the days until the kids and I will join him.  Although, we don't really know what number to countdown from because at this point there's no telling how long the whole process will take. 

  • The kids are amazing.  Jonathan is already growing at record speeds.  He had a checkup with the pediatrician at 5 days old and had gained 2 ounces since birth and 9 days later at his 2wk appointment, had gained an additional 1lb. 4oz.  He is still sleeping a lot, which means he's pretty low maintenance and allows me to give Kaitlyn the attention she needs.  He's already 3 weeks old and is getting cuter every day!

  • Jonathan was baptized this past weekend.  We had a great celebration with family and I hope to post pictures soon.

  • Kaitlyn is still loving her little bro, but has started to act out a bit.  Yesterday, she bit his hand and today she swatted him on the face!  We're hoping to nip this behaviour in the bud and get her past it soon. 

  • Kaitlyn is 19 months old now and continues to amaze us more each day.  She is such a "big" girl!  She is using three-word sentences, has an incredible memory and great balance and fine motor skills.  It really is shocking how much she's grown this summer.  It seems like everyday she says/does something new and I ask myself "How did she know that??"

  • Ron and I thoroughly enjoyed the start of college football season.  Both of our teams had huge wins for their opening games.  (Not that the teams we played were known for being all that great.)  It's going to be hard catching all of the games when we're in Tel Aviv, but we hope to get some.  I just might get my first experience of setting the alarm clock for 2 a.m. to be up to watch a game live.
Proud Daddy and his son watching the UM v. FAMU game.

  • My wonderful husband bought me a new external flash for my camera and I love it!  It has already helped me get better quality photos when shooting indoors.  Lucky for me, Kaitlyn is finally starting to understand what posing for a picture is about.  So, a new flash and a cooperative model make for some adorable pictures. 

I can't get enough of pictures of Kaitlyn holding Jonathan.  She will randomly get the urge to hold her little brother and say, "Mommy, hold it" as she reaches out for him.  It's so cute!
She rubs her cheek on his head and says "Awww".

And this is my new FAVORITE picture of my babies--it just melts my heart.  Life is good... 

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Daddy said...

Excellent post, great pictures! Miss you guys already...

Daddy xoxoxo

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