The Big Girl Bed

It has been almost 5 months since Kaitlyn has slept in a crib.  While we were in Miami she was sleeping in a Pack N Play, but being that she is such a good climber she quickly learned how to get out of it on her own.  Ron and I decided that once her furniture arrived in Tel Aviv we would convert the crib to a toddler bed.  I think she's a bit young for the toddler bed and I wish we could keep her contained in the crib for a bit longer, but we didn't want to risk her trying to climb out of it and getting hurt.

Her first night in Tel Aviv was also the first night she slept in her toddler bed.  In the morning Ron went to check in on her and this is what he found.

(Click here to see the video if you're reading this is email.)
That was the only time we've seen her on the floor and overall she's transitioned really well. Usually, she gets up and walks over to our room in the morning.  Lately, she's been visiting our room sometime around midnight.  Hopefully, that won't continue for much longer.


Charmaine said...

For the midnight visit, it'll be ok as long as you don't let her into your bed. Just keep taking her back to her's explaining all the while that she's a big girl and sleeps in a big girl bed now. for the morning one, uhm, I loved that one. getting cuddles in the morning and then up for the day.

Michelle T. said...

I agree, Charmaine. Unfortunately, she was in our bed again last night. It's hard to fight it when we're all so tired, but I know we need to put an end to it sooner rather than later.

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