Jonathan is 2 Months Old!

At 2 months old, Jonathan:
  • is getting chunkier and chunkier. He weighs over 10lbs now.
  • is sleeping really well. He continues to take several naps throughout the day, but usually goes for a longer stretch at night.
  • has taken his first transcontinental flight and he was such a good boy on the plane.
  • has become more aware of his surroundings. He follows objects with his eyes.
  • is a smiling fool!  I love his gummy grins.
  • is starting to "talk" more...and it is adorable!
  • slept through his first trip to the beach.  Not that is was really a "trip"...it was a short walk from our house.
And did you see the "name tag" on his creeper? 
How cute is that??

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Tell future Mr. Right he is the cutest little guy ever! I'm so glad you all are loving your new home :) Julie

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