More Playtime for Kaitlyn

When I posted last week about our arrival to Tel Aviv, I mentioned that it seemed like such a kid-friendly city because of all the parks and playgrounds we'd seen.  Since that post, I'm even more convinced of this.  We've discovered more parks in our neighborhood and last week we took Kaitlyn to the mall to check out this huge play area in the food court.  There was a charge of 15 shekels (approx. $4.19 USD) to go in, but I think it was worth it.

 When the ride stopped, she wanted to ride the yellow bear.  She pointed to Ron's pocket and said "money".  We're in trouble!

After we left the mall, we went outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather.  We decided to stop at the mega playground about a block from the mall.  Check this place out!

See the small slides on the right of the picture?  At first, Kaitlyn didn't want to even go down those, but eventually she did.  Once she was comfortable there, we decided to try her on the super duper big slide.

This slide was gigantic and we thought Kaitlyn wouldn't want to go down it.  But once Ron got her up there, our little dare devil was eager to get out of his arms and slide.

That loud screeching sound you may have heard coming from Tel Aviv earlier this week?  That was the sound of the thin layers of Ron's elbow skin scraping off on the sides of the slide.  All for the safety of his girl.  Next time I think we'll bring elbow pads for him.
Jonathan was pretty exhausted watching Kaitlyn play.  He and Nana G enjoyed chilling in the shade.

This place was awesome!  I feel like we could go to a different park/play area every week and still not see them all by the end of this year.

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