Trick or Treat!

For weeks now, we have been trying to get Kaitlyn hyped up for Halloween and her first time going Trick or Treating.  We've watched many Halloween-themed cartoons and Sesame Street episodes, practiced saying "trick or treat" and pranced around the house holding the felt pumpkin to collect candy.  I even bought her Minnie Mouse costume months ago to give her plenty of time to get used to it. 

We did a dress rehearsal last weekend so I could take some pictures and she was NOT happy to be wearing the costume.  This was her attitude for most of the "photo shoot".
So, we decided to bribe her with candy.  And once she had the candy, she turned into a super model!
Of course, I didn't like having the huge plastic bag in the photos so I tried to take it away.  And she didn't like that.
So, for the sake of getting some decent pictures, we gave her the bag back.  And she turned into a happy girl again.
This transition from tears to smiles was literally in a matter of seconds.  It was really kind of funny.

Last night, the Embassy organized a trick or treating event in our neighborhood.  American families that live on our street passed out candy and those that live in other neighborhoods decorated their cars and parked on our street to pass out candy from their trunks.  We told her there would be lots of kids outside dressed in costumes and all of our neighbors would be passing out candy.  After all the tears, we weren't sure how she'd do when it was show time.

As we finished dinner that night, we told her it was almost time to go get candy, but we needed to get dressed first.  All of a sudden she was excited and eager to be transformed into Minnie Mouse!  She didn't put up a fight and there wasn't a single tear shed...until we tried to paint the black nose on, but she eventually gave in to that one.

The best part about the event being on our street was we could literally walk out our front gate and get going.  You could hear all the kids outside and that got Kaitlyn even more excited.  She was a little intimidated at first.  She'd walk up to a house and whisper a barely audible "trick or treat" and "thank you".

"Hey Tinker, what kind of candy did you get?"

As the crowd grew bigger and the older kids got a little more pushy, Kaitlyn no longer wanted to walk. Then we saw some scary costumes and she really didn't want to walk.  Most of the people in scary costumes were really nice to Kaitlyn, lifting their masks to say "peek-a-boo" and show that they weren't real monsters.
And this little Mickey was in such a good mood.  He napped a little and otherwise laid in our arms wide-eyed and grinning.
Not the best family picture (sorry, Jonathan), but a family picture, nonetheless.
Because I couldn't find a Mickey Mouse costume small enough for Jonathan, we went the semi-homemade route this year. I dyed the shirt black, bought the red leggings and ironed on the "buttons". I figured this may be the only year that I can get the two of them to dress as a pair. Even without the ears, he's the cutest Mickey Mouse I've ever seen!
"This is fun!  I can't wait until I can eat the candy next year!"
After a while, Kaitlyn wanted to walk again and started to really like trick or treating.  She would scream "MORE candy!" as soon as we'd walk away from a house. 

I'm so proud of what a great job she did.  She wasn't nearly as afraid as I thought she'd be and she actually wore the costume (minus the ears that kept falling off...not her fault).

Here's a quick clip of the action:

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