Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

We had such a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend. I spent a total of 7 hours in the kitchen on Wednesday prepping all of the food so that I wouldn't have to wake up at the crack of dawn to do it all on Thursday. We had one of Ron's coworkers over for dinner and another family of friends over for dessert. And guess what? We didn't get a single picture with our guests and we forgot to have one of them take a family picture of us! I did get some pictures of the table and our little turkeys.

On Saturday, the kids and I got decked out in our FSU gear for the big game day...FSU v. UF. Go 'Noles!  We went out to lunch in the city and to play at a nearby park.

Kaitlyn loved the lemons.
They're a little tart, Mommy!
I'd like to take a moment to a brag on what a stud my husband is.  Seriously, look at him!  That's my baby daddy! :)
When I first saw that picture on the computer, I immediately thought it looked like one of the pictures you see in People magazine of celebrities caught out and about with their kids.  Like this one of Brad:
Of course, Ron is far better looking and Kaitlyn and Jonathan put those Pitt-Jolie kids to shame!  I mean, check out my little rock star.

Jonathan was still in a turkey coma.

I love these two pictures! 
There's nothing like chilling against a giraffe in the middle of Tel Aviv.
Working off all of those Thanksgiving calories.
Again, he's a stud.
We spent the rest of the weekend putting together Jonathan's bedroom and getting out Christmas decorations.  (I'll post about both soon.)  On Sunday night we went to dinner at an asian noodle bar.  Kaitlyn got her first pair of kiddie chopsticks and she was pro!

Now we're gearing up for the holidays and we have lots of busy weekends coming up.  More posts coming soon...


Thankful: 2010 Edition

I'm thankful for...

Motherhood x 2.  Just when I thought motherhood couldn't get any better...Jonathan arrives and my heart grew to fit in so much more love for our second born.  I absolutely love being a mom.  It's tough---I often times want to pull my hair out and I have minor breakdowns at least once a week, but I wouldn't change it for the world.  It is the toughest and most rewarding job and I'm blessed to have the title of "Mom".
Health.  Like last year, this year I heard so many stories of sick children and adults and lives lost too early.  The most recent being the death of a little boy from our playgroup.  A twin boy the same age as Kaitlyn (give or take a week).  I am beyond thankful that Ron, the kids and I are all healthy and hope we continue to be.

Time with Family.  This summer was such a great one.  We got to spend almost 4 straight months at home.  Kaitlyn really got to know her Grandparents, Aunts and Cousins and being close to family as we welcomed Jonathan into the world was priceless.

Modern Technology.  As hard as it is living overseas and being so far from friends and family, Ron reminds me of how good we have it now compared to when he first moved overseas 13 years ago.  When he moved to Uganda in 1998, there was no Vonage, no Tivo, and no internet at home.  Thanks to VoIP technology, we're able to talk to everyone back home for just pennies and we can keep up with most of our TV shows thanks to Tivo and the internet.  It's the little things. :)

Small miracles. This past summer and especially when we first arrived in Tel Aviv, Kaitlyn wasn't sleeping very well. She would go to bed just fine, but wake up in the middle of the night for 1-2 hours followed by a 5a.m. wake up call. It was awful. Luckily, she's snapped out of that and we now get much better sleep! It may not seem like a miracle, but it sure feels like one.

Huge miracles. In early January, I received a horrible phone call from Liane informing me that our friend and college roommate, Kim, was in the hospital. She was in a coma and her family was told she may never wake up. Apparently, someone must have told Kim that the doctors were giving her such a grim prognosis, because in true Kim fashion, she woke up (after 17 days) and proved them all wrong. Liane and I flew to Cincinatti a few weeks later and got to see her ass-kicking in person. It was amazing. She is amazing and she continues to kick butt. She paid me a surprise visit in August to attend my baby shower. It was such a wonderful surprise and I was so thrilled to see her doing so well.  She rocks!
We have so much to celebrate and be thankful for this Thanksgiving.  We wish we could be with family, but they are in our thoughts and prayers.  Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! xo


Jonathan is 3 months old!

At three months old, Jonathan:

  • weighs approximately, ?? lbs. (I hope to edit this tomorrow, but I forgot to weigh him today.) 
  • is wearing size 2 diapers.
  • has outgrown all of his newborn clothes, which makes me sad.
  • continues to be a great sleeper.  He takes several naps throughout the day and goes to bed at about 7:30p and wakes up around 6am.  He still gets up for a few feedings throughout the night, but goes right back to sleep after each one.
  • is holding his head up on his own.
  • has started using his hands and legs to "swat" at the toys hanging from his playmat or bouncy seat.  The new use of his hands also causes him to inadvertently remove his binky from his mouth.  Kaitlyn loves that he's becoming more interactive.  When she hovers of him and he "touches" or "kicks" her she thinks it's so funny!
  • no longer uses the sling in his infant bathtub.
  • still has no bedroom furniture.  Hopefully, it will be here in a couple of weeks.
  • smiles more and more everyday.  Even to strangers.  He's such a happy boy!
I didn't get the 2 month picture of Joanthan and his lion so the above picture is the first since his one month birtdhay (below).  Look at how much bigger he is already??  Crazy!


What's That? Cheers!

Here's a cute video I wanted to share of Kaitlyn.  We were sitting in the kitchen the other day and she was going through the cabinets asking, "What's that?"  As I've mentioned before, she asks that about everything now.  Even when Ron surprised us at the park earlier this week, when she saw him she said "what's that?" then answered herself, "Daddy!!"  It was very cute.

Anyway, I thought this was cute.  She's at such an adorable age (then again, there hasn't been an age yet that isn't adorable).  Cheers!


Monkey See, Monkey Do

Besides Kaitlyn's favorite game of "What's that?", she's also started to really mimic things she sees.  It's pretty adorable.  Check out the video below:

(If viewing this in email, please click here to see video.)


Blog Love for JT

Just a couple of cute pics of Jonathan that were worthy of a blog post.
Kaitlyn wanted to get in the pictures, too.

We went to the Catholic church for mass for the first time last night and Jonathan looked so handsome!  These pictures actually don't do him or his outfit justice.
Happy Sunday!


I Never Want to Forget: The Way He Sleeps

I absolutely love when Jonathan sleeps like this.  And I used to love it when Kaitlyn did, too.  I guess since he's usually swaddled like a burrito when he sleeps this just looks extra cute to me.  He looks so peaceful and comfy.
These next two were taken with my iPhone so the quality is poor.
He seems to want to become a thumb sucker like his Daddy was.  I'm trying to discourage that by giving him a binky when he goes for the thumb.  Afterall, I can take away the binky at some point, but won't be able to take away his thumb!
My sweet, sweet boy. ♥


Kaitlyn is 21 Months Old!

I know 21 months isn't really a significant number, but I wanted to post now because she's doing SO much that I wanted to write it down.
At 21 months, Kaitlyn:
  • weighs roughly 22 lbs.
  • is now wearing size 4 diapers.
  • is wearing clothes sized from 18 mos up to 2T depending on the brand.
  • is a big sister!!  She loves her little bro so much that could just eat him.  And she's tried!  She's given Joanthan quite a few love bites and we have to constantly watch her when she's around him.  She doesn't realize how much bigger she is and that he's a lot more fragile.  The cutest is first thing in the morning, she comes into our room and says "Jonafin!  Awake!"  The poor guy can't get any shut eye when she's around. 
  • LOVES to sing.  Her favorite is "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", but a close second is "I'm a Little Tea Pot".
  • has become a not-so-great sleeper.  But, actually in the last week, that seems to FINALLY be changing.  Since this summer, she's made it a habit of waking up in the middle of the night and sometimes ending up in our bed.  It got so much worse once we got to Tel Aviv.  We were walking zombies because of the lack of sleep we were getting.  Since we put up the baby gate and basically made her realize that we're not bringing her into our bed and we're not rocking her back to sleep everytime she wakes up our lives are so much better.  (Of course, because I just typed those words, I probably jinxed us.)
  • can count to ten!  It surpirses me every time she does it, too. 
  • can sing all of the ABCs.  She doesn't recognize the letters yet, but can point out "U" (thanks to Ron) and "K" for Kaitlyn.
  • usually loves to give kisses.  Just the other night Ron and I kissed in the kitchen and she said "I want kiss!"  It was awesome.  There are still times when I ask her for a kiss and she tells me "No!"  I pretend to cry, so she kisses me.  I smile and she says "Now mommy happy!"  She's so right.
  • is so very happy to be with her Daddy again.  She is still a complete Daddy's Girl.
  • loves other kids.  She quickly greets any kids she sees with a "Hi" and a wave.  She's going to be a social butterfly.
  • wants to do whatever we do.  During dinner last night she noticed I was eating my french fries with a fork. She had this look on her face that said "What?  French fries can be eatten witha fork?  Let me try that!"  Without taking her eyes off of me, she reached for her fork and started to do the same.
  • has started to use the word "too" to describe things.  I accidentally turned the light off in the kitchen and she said "Too dark!".  When the sun gets in her face, she says "too bright". 
  • is curious about everything.  She walks through the house and points to things and says "What's that?"
  • knows most of her shapes.  She can recognize and say circle, square, heart, triangle, and star.
I can't believe we are just a few short months from having a 2 year old!  Insane!


Mommy Gifts

When I first arrived in Tel Aviv, Ron had some very thoughtful and cute gifts waiting for me.  First, he bought me the two charms I wanted for my Pandora bracelet.  Both are for Jonathan--his birthstone
and his first intial:
I love, love, love my Pandora bracelet.  I have 9 charms now and each one represents a special moment in my life.  I wear the bracelet every day and it's so nice to randomly glance down at my wrist and be reminded of those moments.

Ron also surprised me with this ADORABLE apron.  I've been wanting to get a cute apron for some time now and I had no idea he had this made.  I love it!  I almost don't want to wear it so it will stay clean.
Looking at the above picture, can you tell that I have an infant (minus Jonathan's picture on the apron)?
That's my Mommy badge. :)

I'm including this picture just because it's so stinkin' cute!  I love my boys! :)
Thanks for the surprises, babe!  I love you! xoxo


Ride Daddy Bike!

Ron has been wanting to get a child's bike seat for Katilyn for a couple of weeks now.  We finally made it out to the bike store yesterday and bought the seat and helmet.  Kaitlyn was so excited and kept saying "Ride Daddy bicycle" over and over and over until she finally got on the bike.  Surprisingly, she even liked the helmet.
"Ride Daddy bike?"

"C'mon, Daddy!  Let's get this seat on!"
"Here we go!"
She loved it!  Unfortunately, Ron has the late shift this week so he'll be getting home just as Kaitlyn is getting ready for bed so there won't be any riding this week. 
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