I Never Want to Forget: The Way He Sleeps

I absolutely love when Jonathan sleeps like this.  And I used to love it when Kaitlyn did, too.  I guess since he's usually swaddled like a burrito when he sleeps this just looks extra cute to me.  He looks so peaceful and comfy.
These next two were taken with my iPhone so the quality is poor.
He seems to want to become a thumb sucker like his Daddy was.  I'm trying to discourage that by giving him a binky when he goes for the thumb.  Afterall, I can take away the binky at some point, but won't be able to take away his thumb!
My sweet, sweet boy. ♥

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Mom T said...

What precious, precious pictures. Brought tears to my eyes. We miss you all so much!!

Give extra hugs and kisses to our little ones.

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