Kaitlyn is 21 Months Old!

I know 21 months isn't really a significant number, but I wanted to post now because she's doing SO much that I wanted to write it down.
At 21 months, Kaitlyn:
  • weighs roughly 22 lbs.
  • is now wearing size 4 diapers.
  • is wearing clothes sized from 18 mos up to 2T depending on the brand.
  • is a big sister!!  She loves her little bro so much that could just eat him.  And she's tried!  She's given Joanthan quite a few love bites and we have to constantly watch her when she's around him.  She doesn't realize how much bigger she is and that he's a lot more fragile.  The cutest is first thing in the morning, she comes into our room and says "Jonafin!  Awake!"  The poor guy can't get any shut eye when she's around. 
  • LOVES to sing.  Her favorite is "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", but a close second is "I'm a Little Tea Pot".
  • has become a not-so-great sleeper.  But, actually in the last week, that seems to FINALLY be changing.  Since this summer, she's made it a habit of waking up in the middle of the night and sometimes ending up in our bed.  It got so much worse once we got to Tel Aviv.  We were walking zombies because of the lack of sleep we were getting.  Since we put up the baby gate and basically made her realize that we're not bringing her into our bed and we're not rocking her back to sleep everytime she wakes up our lives are so much better.  (Of course, because I just typed those words, I probably jinxed us.)
  • can count to ten!  It surpirses me every time she does it, too. 
  • can sing all of the ABCs.  She doesn't recognize the letters yet, but can point out "U" (thanks to Ron) and "K" for Kaitlyn.
  • usually loves to give kisses.  Just the other night Ron and I kissed in the kitchen and she said "I want kiss!"  It was awesome.  There are still times when I ask her for a kiss and she tells me "No!"  I pretend to cry, so she kisses me.  I smile and she says "Now mommy happy!"  She's so right.
  • is so very happy to be with her Daddy again.  She is still a complete Daddy's Girl.
  • loves other kids.  She quickly greets any kids she sees with a "Hi" and a wave.  She's going to be a social butterfly.
  • wants to do whatever we do.  During dinner last night she noticed I was eating my french fries with a fork. She had this look on her face that said "What?  French fries can be eatten witha fork?  Let me try that!"  Without taking her eyes off of me, she reached for her fork and started to do the same.
  • has started to use the word "too" to describe things.  I accidentally turned the light off in the kitchen and she said "Too dark!".  When the sun gets in her face, she says "too bright". 
  • is curious about everything.  She walks through the house and points to things and says "What's that?"
  • knows most of her shapes.  She can recognize and say circle, square, heart, triangle, and star.
I can't believe we are just a few short months from having a 2 year old!  Insane!

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