Mommy Gifts

When I first arrived in Tel Aviv, Ron had some very thoughtful and cute gifts waiting for me.  First, he bought me the two charms I wanted for my Pandora bracelet.  Both are for Jonathan--his birthstone
and his first intial:
I love, love, love my Pandora bracelet.  I have 9 charms now and each one represents a special moment in my life.  I wear the bracelet every day and it's so nice to randomly glance down at my wrist and be reminded of those moments.

Ron also surprised me with this ADORABLE apron.  I've been wanting to get a cute apron for some time now and I had no idea he had this made.  I love it!  I almost don't want to wear it so it will stay clean.
Looking at the above picture, can you tell that I have an infant (minus Jonathan's picture on the apron)?
That's my Mommy badge. :)

I'm including this picture just because it's so stinkin' cute!  I love my boys! :)
Thanks for the surprises, babe!  I love you! xoxo

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