Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

We had such a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend. I spent a total of 7 hours in the kitchen on Wednesday prepping all of the food so that I wouldn't have to wake up at the crack of dawn to do it all on Thursday. We had one of Ron's coworkers over for dinner and another family of friends over for dessert. And guess what? We didn't get a single picture with our guests and we forgot to have one of them take a family picture of us! I did get some pictures of the table and our little turkeys.

On Saturday, the kids and I got decked out in our FSU gear for the big game day...FSU v. UF. Go 'Noles!  We went out to lunch in the city and to play at a nearby park.

Kaitlyn loved the lemons.
They're a little tart, Mommy!
I'd like to take a moment to a brag on what a stud my husband is.  Seriously, look at him!  That's my baby daddy! :)
When I first saw that picture on the computer, I immediately thought it looked like one of the pictures you see in People magazine of celebrities caught out and about with their kids.  Like this one of Brad:
Of course, Ron is far better looking and Kaitlyn and Jonathan put those Pitt-Jolie kids to shame!  I mean, check out my little rock star.

Jonathan was still in a turkey coma.

I love these two pictures! 
There's nothing like chilling against a giraffe in the middle of Tel Aviv.
Working off all of those Thanksgiving calories.
Again, he's a stud.
We spent the rest of the weekend putting together Jonathan's bedroom and getting out Christmas decorations.  (I'll post about both soon.)  On Sunday night we went to dinner at an asian noodle bar.  Kaitlyn got her first pair of kiddie chopsticks and she was pro!

Now we're gearing up for the holidays and we have lots of busy weekends coming up.  More posts coming soon...


Charmaine said...

Look at that little Kaitlyn go with those chopstix. How adorable. I'm jealous...I still have a rough time with the slippery noodles. LOL.

Charmaine said...

...oh and Brad has nothin' on Ronnie. I had to laff at the similarity in the photos, though.

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