2010 in Review

Our 2010 was filled with lots of travel, smiles, laughs, family, friends and surprises.  It was a great year!  Here are some of the highlights...

Confirmed our 2nd pregnancy

Took a trip to Miami to celebrate Kaitlyn's 1st birthday.
While we were there, Kailtyn shared some news.
Took a trip to Cincinatti with Liane to visit Kim.  We joke that it was our crazy Girl's Weekend.  Kim was in the hospital and I was knocked up--not exactly the kind of crazy we were used to in college.

Barby, her brother Alex and his son Ryan visited us in Quito.

Kaitlyn had a great Easter and participated in her first Easter Egg Hunt.
We took another trip to Miami where Kaitlyn got her first haircut.
Took a trip to Baños, Ecuador.
We packed up our belongings and moved out of our apartment in Quito...and apparently took no other pictures.
Departed Ecuador for the final time. :)
Spent a week in Washington DC and visited with Ron's cousin, Phil (Kaitlyn and Jonathan's Godfather), his fiance Holly, and their son, PJ.
Began to enjoy our long summer in Miami!
Kaitlyn's first trip to the Miami Zoo.

Enjoyed our first 4th of July in the USA in 3 years.  It was fabulous!
Took Kaitlyn to meet Mr. Chuck E. Cheese.
Ron moved to Israel and started work.

A wonderful baby shower thrown for me by friends and family...
and a surprise guest, Kim!
Ron flew back to Miami and our family became complete with the arrival of Jonathan.
Grandma comes to Miami to meet her newest Great-Grandchild.

Jonathan is baptized.
Kaitlyn had her first visit to the Urgent Care Center because of a very high fever.  We spent the next day resting and eating lots of icee pops!
Precious moments spent bonding with her cousins.

Mom, the kids and I fly to Israel to have our family reunited.

Jonathan's first Halloween and Kaitlyn's first time trick or treating.
Kaitlyn and Jonathan get settled into their new home.
Jonathan's First Thanksgiving.
Our nephew, Jacob Alexander is born!
We took a trip to Nazareth.
Our first Christmas in Israel.
Happy New Year!

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Anonymous said...

Quite a year indeed. Love you and miss you all. Dad xoxo

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