Cookies for Santa

Last night, Kaitlyn and I made cookies for Santa.  It was so much fun and one of those "Mommy/Daughter" moments I always looked forward to.  I'm not going to lie, because she's still so young, it was a little hectic keeping her hands out of the batter, keeping her from pouring extra flour/baking powder into the bowl or sipping the vanilla extract straight from the bottle.  But all of the little frustrations were so worth it!  We both had a great time and I thank Ron for taking these photos to capture such a special moment.

Just as we were ready to color some of the batter green to make Christmas trees, we realized we didn't have any food coloring.  Oops!  When we weren't looking, Kaitlyn decided to add a dash of green sprinkles.  Maybe that will work.
We decided to put some of the batter aside and buy food coloring another day.  We made "ornaments" and flowers (Kaitlyn's pick) instead.
I look forward to many, many years of this Christmas tradition with the kids. :)

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