Our First Christmas in Israel

Since Thanksgiving, we've slowly been trying to Christmas-fy the house.  We eagerly got the large containers of decorations out and put the tree together the weekend after Thanksgiving.  Then the undecorated tree sat in our living room for a week.

Last weekend, we had a friend come over before the embassy Holiday Party to take a family picture for our Christmas card.  I decided I wanted it to be in front of the tree, so that was our motivation to get it decorated.  We did most of the decorating while Kaitlyn napped because we were in a time crunch.  But when she woke up and saw the tree, she loved it!  She helped put on some of the last ornaments and did such a good job!

Here are some of the best pictures from that evening:

With Ron's approval, we went with a more non-traditional color scheme this year. I love it, but I feel like it's a work in progress. I think it could still use some more ornaments and maybe some bows or ribbons. I'm a white lights kind of gal so I wanted the ornaments to be extra colorful and not just the traditional green, red, silver and gold. Ron calls it our "Mardi Gras" tree. I adore the bold colors and the best part is almost all of the ornaments are shatter-proof. Kaitlyn rearranges ornaments several times a day and I have no worries about her doing it because all of the ornaments in her reach are kid-friendly.
Here is our 2010 family ornament.  Isn't it perfect?!
And Jonathan's first ornament.
Our tree is my favorite background thes days. :)

Santa was at the Embassy Holiday Party and as much as we tried to get Kaitlyn excited about seeing him, she wasn't having it.  She screamed and cried so we didn't even try for a picture because we knew we'd have another opportunity the following weekend at the American School.  All week she talked about Santa.  She even said she wanted to sit on his lap.  This was the picture we got:
As expected, once she saw him she didn't want to go near him.  I still think it's a pretty precious picture.  Without him in the picture, she was all smiles!

After the visit to see Santa, we came home and I got some great pictures of Jonathan while Kaitlyn napped.
Again, the tree as the background is my favorite!  The pictures are so fun and festive.  It doesn't hurt that I have the cutest little boy EVER as my model.
I bought this hat and argyle sweater vest online and wasn't sure how it would look.  My problem now is I want to dress him in it everyday!  How stinkin' cute is he??

He gets 50% of his good looks from his Dad! :)

Geez, that's one handsome boy!

Even though we are in the Holy Land and so close to Bethlehem and all that Christmas is about, I miss seeing colorful Christmas lights on all the houses and buildings whenever we're out.  I miss hearing Christmas music in the stores.  And of course, I miss sharing this time with family.  Since Kaitlyn is so aware of Christmas and Santa and of course Baby Jesus now, I'm kind of sad that she's not surrounded by all of the lights, music and festivities.  We have decorations and lights around the house, but next year I plan on really going all out! 


Dad said...

Great tree, and love all the pictures. xox

Shawn Burke said...

Great pictures, Michelle. I have several comments:

1) Jonathan has great taste in formal wear. I like the tie.

2) While I'm not in any way in favor of torturing your child, I will admit that Santa pictures with the child crying are a guilty pleasure of mine. Since you decided against it with Kaitlyn, here's a link to a gallery of some in case you enjoy them, too.


3) I love the outfit with the hat and sweater on Jonathan. Jordan has a similiar one, but his mood varies on whether he wants to keep the hat on or not.

4) Great family pictures overall. You have a beautiful family.

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