Christmas in Nazareth

Last Saturday, we packed the kids in the car and headed North for the city of Nazareth for the "First Annual Christmas Market".  Since I've recently been craving more Christmas festivities, I was excited for our endeavor.  And how cool is it to be able to say "I'm going to a Christmas market...in Nazareth!"

It took a little over an hour for us to get there and as soon as we entered town, you noticed Christmas!  And by Christmas, I'm talking blow up Santa dolls for sale by street side vendors, Santa photos in shop windows and lots of Santa hats for sale.  I suppose, Santa is one of the main "symbols" of Christmas.  It was just kind of funny to think that we were in Nazareth, where Jesus was from (afterall, he is referred to as Jesus of Nazareth), it was exactly one week from His birthday and you could tell because Santa was all around. 

We happened to park across the street from the Basilica of the Annunciation so we decided to stop there first.

The church is built where it is believed was the house of Joseph and The Virgin Mary.  The lower level is Mary's cave where the Archangel Gabriel visited Mary and told her she is destined to carry the Messiah in her womb. 
Next, we took a short walk to the City Center for the market.  There was a second Church of the Annunciation for the Greek-Orthodox faith, which is the most sacred location for the Greek-Orthodox community in Nazareth.  The church is built where the Virgin Mary was visited from the Archangel Gabriel as she came by to draw water from the spring.  Below is Mary's Well, within the church. 
Before heading back home we had lunch in the City Center where we ate some very yummy tabouleh. Ron says it was the best he's had in a long time.

On our way back to the car we walked through a local market. I had to take a photo of this vendor's space since his shop had more Christmas items for sale than all of the vendors in the Chrismtas Market, which brought us to Nazareth in the first place.
The Christmas Market was kind of a let down, but we're glad we went anyway and I'm sure we'll be back to visit more Holy Sites in Nazareth soon.

In case any of you missed this on Facebook, I thought this was a very cute and modern twist on the Christmas Story.

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Mama G said...

Awesome. Thanks for sharing. The babies are getting so big and cuter every day! xoxo

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