Who's Teething?

Lately, there's been a lot of fingers in the mouth
and lots of bibs to catch all the drool.
Even with those classic signs of teething, we didn't expect this:
I suppose since Kaitlyn showed the same signs for many, many months before getting her first tooth (almost 10 months old) we figured it was a long way off.  Well, yesterday Jonathan gave me a huge smile as we played on my bed and it caught my eye.  I was shocked!  I can't believe he's already got a tooth!  That means the adorable, youthful, gummy grin won't last as long as Kaitlyn's did. *Sigh*

He hasn't shown any other symptoms...no fevers and no horrible crankiness.  He's been such a happy baby.  Hopefully, as the rest of the teeth make their way in, he'll continue to handle it like a champ!

Does this look like a miserable, teething baby to you? 

I didn't think so. :)

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