Making Memories Part 2

I just finished the first month of our 2011 scrapbook.  I am loving this project!  I sometimes find that it slips my mind and I forget to take pictures throughout the week.  I often have to remind myself that the pictures don't have to be perfect, in focus, interesting to everyone, etc.  I just need to take them! 

Here's my progres so far (Go here for Week 1):

Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

I love them all and have had so much fun putting them together.  I've made it really simple by using premade templates.  I just plug the pictures in, write a few words to describe each picture and it's done.  I believe keeping it simple is going to be what makes this a project I'll actually be able to finish.  I wish I had the time to get super creative, but the truth is I don't and if I waited until I had time I know it would never happen.  This is why I still haven't completed albums for Kaitlyn's First Year, our trip to the Galapagos, or our time in Ecuador.  By doing one week at a time I don't get overwhelmed.  So far, I've made sure to complete the previous weeks pages as soon as the week ends.

Some of you may look at my pages and think "Really?  A picture of the gas station?" or "Why waste a space with a picture of a bottle of vitamins?"  But that's our life.  And I'm interested in documenting all aspects of our life.  This video by Becky Higgins, creator of the Project Life series, explains it perfectly. 


Best Big Sister EVER!

Watching Kaitlyn love her brother just doesn't get old for me.  I love to sit back and watch her interact with him.  And Jonathan?  That boy just LOVES his big sister.  He will contort his body/neck to find her in the room and watch whatever it is she may be doing.  My absolute favorite thing is when she tries to console him when he's crying.  Today, he woke up from a nap and started crying.  Kaitlyn, knowing she wasn't supposed to bother him when he naps, stood outside of his bedroom and whispered "It's ok little buddy, don't cry."  I'm not lying when I say I got tears in my eyes.  It's just the sweetest!

After naptime Kaitlyn refused to nap, we all sat down to lunch. When Kaitlyn was done she took Jonathan's spoon from the table and said "Come here, Jonathan".  I pushed his highchair closer to her and let her try to feed him.  She did such a good job!  I thought he was done, but he ate up ever bite she gave him.  Here's the video:

She is the best Big Sister EVER! 


Jonathan is 5 months old!

At 5 months old, Jonathan:
  • is still wearing size 2 diapers.
  • has begun to wear more 6 month size clothes.  He has quite a few warm-weather 3 month outfits that he never got to wear because the weather got chilly.
  • has two teeth!  The first one (bottom left) snuck up on us.  The 2nd one (bottom right) seemed to bother him a little more.
  • started eating rice cereal.  He's done such a good job and has gottten even better in just one week.  We look forward to starting him on fruits and veggies soon.
  • has had his first cold.  Sniffles, minor fever and a little coughing.  I thought it was teething related at first, then Kaitlyn and I got the same symptoms.
  • is still sleeping in our room because he's still not sleeping through the night.  I think it's gotten better, but it's hard to remember right now because these last few nights have been rough becuase we're all sick.
  • rarely stays on his back these days.  If I lay him down, he immediately rolls to his tummy.
  • is close to sitting up on his own. 
  • is drinking more formula every day and nursing less.
  • thinks his sister is the funniest (and cutest) person he's ever met!


Making Memories

As a mom, I feel like it's up to me to document the lives of our family and preserve the memories we make.  It's my job to take note of important dates and mark the calendar when either child reaches a new milestone.  For the most part, this blog is it.  Kaitlyn has a baby book, but I'm not even sure where it is at the moment and I never bought one for Jonathan.  I have notes and dates written in various calendars and planners.  Someday, I plan on gathering it all and making albums for each of the kids.  The problem is, time doesn't stand still while I'm working on catching up on documenting years past.

I've decided in 2011 my goal would be to get better about preserving the memories we are making.  Not just the big events and the grand vacations, but the day-to-day stuff, as well.  This is my plan:  Try to take at least one photo EVERY day.  If I skip a day, no big deal, I can make it up on another day.  I'll not only be taking photos of us and the kids, but also of the everyday details--what we eat, where we go, etc.  At the end of the week, I will gather photos and create a 2-page scrapbook layout for the week.  At the end of the year, I will have all of the pages printed into a 104 page memory book.  I'm really hoping that by dealing with a few photos each week I'll be able to easily keep up with it.

Here are the 2 pages for Week 1:
Close up of the left page:Close up of the right page.
I'll keep you posted on my progress.


Siblings ♥

Remember when Jonathan was first born and Kaitlyn wasn't so nice to him?  I couldn't leave them in a room alone together for even a second without Kaitlyn biting into one of his limbs.  (I'm convinced it was God's plan for Jonathan to get teeth so much earlier than Kaitlyn did so he could start defending himself from his biting sister.)  I'm so happy to report that Kaitlyn is over that phase and has come to love her little brother.  Of course she still has her moments when she wants our attention.  God forbid if Daddy say hello to Jonathan when he first gets home from work.  Kaitlyn will quickly demand that "Mommy hold Jonathan!"

But these days, the majority of the time she adores him and I couldn't be happier about it.  When he wakes up from a nap and I bring him into the room she excitedly says, "Hi Jonathan!  Goo goo goo goo ga ga!"  When he cries, she will gently lay a hand on him and say "Don't cry, little buddy."  She loves to tickle him and she is the best at making him laugh.  Check out this video of Jonathan cracking up at his sister.  This was during our visit to the Ramat Gan Safari a couple of weekend's ago.  (Before I get emails about Kaitlyn not being in her car seat, we were in an enclosed safari park driving no more than 5mph and it was completely safe for her to be unbuckled.)

Jonathan lights up when she pays attention to him.  They love each other and it's such a joy to watch them together.
And my latest favorite photo of the kids:
We plan on having a large canvas print made to hang in the play room. 


Jonathan starts solids...

This past Saturday (January 8), we gave Jonathan his first taste of "solid" foods.  We started him with rice cereal and he did really well.  We think he actually ingested more than his bib soaked up and there were no tears.  Success!
For now, he's only getting a little bit in the mornings for breakfast.  He continues to like it and we'll be adding some fruits and veggies just as soon as our shipment arrives from Amazon.
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