Best Big Sister EVER!

Watching Kaitlyn love her brother just doesn't get old for me.  I love to sit back and watch her interact with him.  And Jonathan?  That boy just LOVES his big sister.  He will contort his body/neck to find her in the room and watch whatever it is she may be doing.  My absolute favorite thing is when she tries to console him when he's crying.  Today, he woke up from a nap and started crying.  Kaitlyn, knowing she wasn't supposed to bother him when he naps, stood outside of his bedroom and whispered "It's ok little buddy, don't cry."  I'm not lying when I say I got tears in my eyes.  It's just the sweetest!

After naptime Kaitlyn refused to nap, we all sat down to lunch. When Kaitlyn was done she took Jonathan's spoon from the table and said "Come here, Jonathan".  I pushed his highchair closer to her and let her try to feed him.  She did such a good job!  I thought he was done, but he ate up ever bite she gave him.  Here's the video:

She is the best Big Sister EVER! 

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Charmaine said...

The video of Kaitlyn feeding her little brother is the cutest ever!!

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