Jonathan is 5 months old!

At 5 months old, Jonathan:
  • is still wearing size 2 diapers.
  • has begun to wear more 6 month size clothes.  He has quite a few warm-weather 3 month outfits that he never got to wear because the weather got chilly.
  • has two teeth!  The first one (bottom left) snuck up on us.  The 2nd one (bottom right) seemed to bother him a little more.
  • started eating rice cereal.  He's done such a good job and has gottten even better in just one week.  We look forward to starting him on fruits and veggies soon.
  • has had his first cold.  Sniffles, minor fever and a little coughing.  I thought it was teething related at first, then Kaitlyn and I got the same symptoms.
  • is still sleeping in our room because he's still not sleeping through the night.  I think it's gotten better, but it's hard to remember right now because these last few nights have been rough becuase we're all sick.
  • rarely stays on his back these days.  If I lay him down, he immediately rolls to his tummy.
  • is close to sitting up on his own. 
  • is drinking more formula every day and nursing less.
  • thinks his sister is the funniest (and cutest) person he's ever met!

1 comment:

Dad said...

He's so cute - and getting bigger fast! xox

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