Siblings ♥

Remember when Jonathan was first born and Kaitlyn wasn't so nice to him?  I couldn't leave them in a room alone together for even a second without Kaitlyn biting into one of his limbs.  (I'm convinced it was God's plan for Jonathan to get teeth so much earlier than Kaitlyn did so he could start defending himself from his biting sister.)  I'm so happy to report that Kaitlyn is over that phase and has come to love her little brother.  Of course she still has her moments when she wants our attention.  God forbid if Daddy say hello to Jonathan when he first gets home from work.  Kaitlyn will quickly demand that "Mommy hold Jonathan!"

But these days, the majority of the time she adores him and I couldn't be happier about it.  When he wakes up from a nap and I bring him into the room she excitedly says, "Hi Jonathan!  Goo goo goo goo ga ga!"  When he cries, she will gently lay a hand on him and say "Don't cry, little buddy."  She loves to tickle him and she is the best at making him laugh.  Check out this video of Jonathan cracking up at his sister.  This was during our visit to the Ramat Gan Safari a couple of weekend's ago.  (Before I get emails about Kaitlyn not being in her car seat, we were in an enclosed safari park driving no more than 5mph and it was completely safe for her to be unbuckled.)

Jonathan lights up when she pays attention to him.  They love each other and it's such a joy to watch them together.
And my latest favorite photo of the kids:
We plan on having a large canvas print made to hang in the play room. 


Nana G said...

Adorable! You should send that video in to America's funniest video. Love You! xoxxo

Charmaine said...

Good thing you anticipated emails about Kaitlyn being unbuckled. I'm sure you could envision an overloaded inbox.

Those photos of the kids together are adorable and I love the one of Kaitlyn smoochin' her lil bro.

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