Kaitlyn is doing so many cute things lately.  And I'm not just saying that because I'm her Mom and every single things she does is adorable to me.  Ok, so maybe that is it.  Check out the evidence below and you can decide for yourself.

While Jonathan sat waiting for me to gather things to take downstairs, Kaitlyn came over to him and did this.  It was awesome...

Did you catch how she said he was "too cute" after she sang it the first time?  Again, best Big Sister EVER!


Here's one with her trying out her new baseball glove she got for her birthday:

And check out these goofy faces:

I told you she was adorable! 


And this little guy gives her some good competition in the Most Adorable contest. 
I call it an adorable tie---not that I'm biased! :)

{ok, I'm done saying adorable...for now.}

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Charmaine said...

That video of the Kiki singing Row Your Boat with her brother is, well, adorable :), and I love the pic of the two of them looking out the window from behind.

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