Kaitlyn is 2 Years Old!

At 2 years old, Kaitlyn:
  • weighs approx. 24 lbs.
  • is wearing size 4 diapers.
  • is wearing size 24 months and 2T in most clothes.  She's still petite and the pants usually droop down since the waist is too big.
  • is more adventurous than ever!  She still climbs on anything and everything.  As of last week, she can now climb over the baby gate that is at her bedroom door.  Ugh!  When you ask her what she did this morning, she'll gladly tell you, "Climb over gate!"
  • has a pretty good pattern of using the potty.  For about 2 months now, as we rock her to sleep (naptime and bedtime), she tells us she has to go potty.  We know she's using it as a stall tactic, but the great thing is she goes! (always #2, sometime #1)  She won't tell us any other time...just when she's going to sleep.  This is far from being potty trained, but at least we're changing less poopy diapers!
  • is very much into pretend play.  It's so cute to watch her "cook" in her kitchen (she makes a great cup of coffee and knows Mommy likes it with milk and a "lil bit of sugar").  She "talks" on the phone...usually it's Daddy or Santa calling.  She's even started to "teach" some of her dolls how to use the potty.  It really is such fun seeing the world through her eyes.
  • loves to help in the kitchen.  When it's time to make dinner, she demands to stand on a chair so she can see what we're doing and help us stir.
  • has so much to say!  She's always surprising us with what comes out of her mouth.  She often asks us, "Can you help me?"  Just this morning,she crawled into our bed at 4:30am.  She never did fall back asleep and at about 5:45am she woke us up saying, "Mommy, can you please help me cut my nails?  They're too long."  I have no idea what made her ask this, they weren't very long at all.
  • says grace on her own before eating dinner.
  • has recently discovered that she can take of her pants and diaper off all on her own.  I have walked into the room she's in to find her walking around in the buff.
  • can almost count to twenty.
  • no longer calls herself Kiki.  She is now Kaitlyn--pronounced "Kate-lan" by her.  It makes me sad. :(
  • is such a polite little girl.  She's very good about saying "Please" and "Thank you".  Sometimes when you give her something, she'll say "Thank you, you're welcome."

If there's one thing I've learned during these two years of motherhood, it's what the Darius Rucker song says, "It won't be like this for long".  Everything is just a phase.  And the phases pass so quickly!  I often remind myself that when Kaitlyn is having a bad week, that it will pass.  When we were in the phases of Kaitlyn hitting her head against the wall, or biting her brother, hitting one of us, or not sleeping well, it seemed like it would never end.  But it did.  And the adorable phases pass just as quickly--maybe even quicker.  Some of the phases come back, like the not sleeping well, but everyday she does something new and everyday she becomes more of a"big" girl.  These last two years have been such a joy and we couldn't be more proud of our little girl!

"Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body." ~Elizabeth Stone.  Two years ago today my heart did just that.

Happy Birthday, Kaitlyn!


Mama G said...

Such a sweetie pie. Seems like just yesterday I was saying some of the same things about MY baby girl, Michelle. The years go by so quickly. Enjoy every minute of them. xoxoxo

Charmaine said...

Love the birthday video and did you make her Elmo Birthday T-shirt? It's adorable.

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