Testing, testing...

Yesterday morning at 11:05 a.m. our municipality held routine tests for their emergency siren system.  Thank goodness the embassy sent out an email a few hours before letting us know they would be doing the tests!  Even though I knew it was a coming, it was still pretty freaky!  I quickly grabbed the video camera so I could share the eeriness.

Of course, just as I opened the door, the test was over.

When Ron got home, I showed him the video and he said, "You know that if you ever hear those sirens and you didn't get word from the embassy first...?" And before he could finish, I said, "...get in the bomb shelter!"  Yes, we have a bomb shelter in our home.  Let's hope we only hear those sirens during one of these tests. 


Mama G said...

YIKES! xoxo

Grandma said...

Oh my, that was scary, I pray everytime you hear that it will ALWAYS be a test.love you xoxoxo

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