A Weekend of Birthday Festivities

We've had a whirlwind weekend of birthday celebrations and the festivities started on Thursday.  Kaitlyn was well aware that it was her birthday because we've been talking it up for at least a month now.  We started the day bright and early and opened presents before Daddy had to go to work.
Kaitlyn got some great gifts from family.  She was ready to put on one of her new bathing suits and hit the pool!

After some morning playtime, Kaitlyn took a nice nap.  I planned on taking her to the park after lunch, but the weather didn't cooperate.  I did a quick photo shoot and she did really well.  Bribing her with m&m's helped...hence the blue teeth.

Since we couldn't go outside to play, I thought it would be the perfect time to make some homemade play dough.  It's something I've been wanting to do with her for a while.  We donned our adorable matching aprons (thanks, Sofia) and got to work.
When Daddy got home, we went to Mickey D's for dinner then came home for some cake.  She'd been singing "Happy birthday" all week, so she was ready!
Playing with some toys before bathtime.

The big birthday party was on Saturday and she had a blast!  There were about 8 kids ranging in age from 1 to 9.  We rented a bounce house, but the "house" wasn't nearly as big as we expected and when the owner delivered it, he suggested we put it in the living room.  Because it rained, that's exactly what we ended up doing and it worked out perfectly.
 Once the weather cleared up, we were ablet to push it out onto the patio.

Some the details:

Notice there are no balloons?  (Except the 2 mylar balloons we gave her on her actual birthday).  All of the party stores (and most businesses in general) close on Friday at 2pm and don't reopen until Sunday because of Shabbat (a day of rest on the seventh day of the Jewish week).  It's something we've gotten used to, but it makes Saturday afternoon birthday parties a little less festive.  I made the banner above to help make up for the lack of birthday decor.

Sunday was Ron's birthday and I got up early with Kaitlyn to bake him a giant chocolate chip cookie.  We had a relaxing day--church, then some outdoor playtime on a beautiful day. (Jonathan took an extra long nap, which is why he's not in the following pictures.)

Kaitlyn got this pet puppy for her birthday.  She loved pulling hime around the yard.
The handsome birthday boy--35 years young. :)
This girl is going to be a gymnist!
We ended the day with an Italian dinner at Lucca in the Herzliya Marina followed by dessert (the cookie cake) at home.
It was a great weekend!  The only thing that would have made it better is family.

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