Hand Me Downs

When I was pregnant with Jonathan and we found out we were having a boy, we packed up most of Kaitlyn's old clothes and put them in storage. We saved a couple of the gender neutral pajamas for Jonathan and he is now big enough to wear them.  Check out the comparison. :) 
Kaitlyn - 8 months and 15 days old

Jonathan - 7 months and 8 days old


C25K Update

In my last C25K update, I mentioned I would be running my first race today, March 24, 2011---The Jerusalem Marathon.  Of course, I was only doing the 4.2k "fun run".  Several weeks ago, after giving it some more thought, I decided it wouldn't work for me.  I hadn't really thought about how long the drive would be, who would watch the kids, etc.  Then the events from Wednesday happened.  I got a few inquiries about whether or not I'd still run in today's race and I realized I never mentioned it on the blog.  So, no, I won't be racing today, but not because of the bombing.

We will still be racing on April 8th in the Tel Aviv Marathon's 10% race.  I'm currently on Week 7 of training, which has me running for 25 minutes straight.  I pretty much stick to one route for my runs and I love it because it takes me right along the beach.  There are only 2 weeks left of the program then I should easily be running a 5K...I hope!


The "Potty's" Over!

Remember this post about what a potty-training rockstar Kaitlyn was? The enthusiasm of the new toilet wore off quickly. As soon as I hit the "Publish" button on the blog, she lost interest. Figures! The gummy worms, ice cream, m&m's and stickers have all lost their luster. *SIGH*

She's now back to her usual before bed stall tactics and she sits on her Dora toilet seat for that, not the new potty.  These days there's only one person getting any use of the new potty.


I Never Want to Forget: Kaitlyn's Reaction to Just About Everything

When Kaitlyn is scared of something she sees on TV, she has one reaction.
When Kaitlyn is embarrassed, she reacts the same way.
At Kaitlyn's birthday party, when the guests started singing "Happy Birthday", she did it.
When I ask her if she made cocky in her diaper, she lies and says "no", but as I take it off and she knows she's busted, she does the same thing.
This is Kaitlyn's reaction to just about everything these days.  It's kind of cute.


Slow down, Jonathan!

As I mentioned in Jonathan's 7 month post he is growing like a weed!  I can't keep up with all that he's doing.  By the time I get around to blogging about his latest milestone, he does something new.  I've decided to document a few of them here in one post.

March 7, 2011 - Sits up on his own

March 9, 2011 - Pulled himself to stand (sorry, no video of the first time)
March 10, 2011 - Crawling off of his belly

March 16, 2011 - Pulling himself up onto everything!

March 17, 2011 - Took a couple of steps holding onto couch
The holding on and taking steps has gotten even better in the last couple of days.

We can't believe how quickly he's developing.  We're pretty sure he'll be walking before he turns one.  Maybe even by next month--just kidding. 

Slow down Jonathan!


St. Patrick's Day Recap

Kaitlyn's first St. Patrick's Day leprechaun visit was so much fun!  The night before, the kids got into their green jammies.
The next morning, Kaitlyn came downstairs to find leprechaun footprints and wherever she found footprints (or shamrocks) she found gold coins!
She had a great time searching the house for "pots of gold"! (Notice the silly leprechaun turned some of our picture frames upside down.)

I forgot to get a picture, but the leprechaun left Kaitlyn new markers, barettes, green nail polish and some green candy as an apology for the messes he made.  Here's the video of her searching:

After the kids were in bed, Ron and I enjoyed a delicious Irish dinner: corned beef, cabbage and potatoes, green beans, brussel sprouts and of course a green beer.
It was a great day!


Jonathan is 7 months old!

At 7 months old, Jonathan:
  • weighs approximately ?? pounds (will update soon).
  • is about ready to move up to size 3 diapers.
  • is growing way too fast!  He went from sitting unassisted, to scooting, to being able to sit up by himself, to actually crawling, to pulling himself up to a standing position--all within one month.  It's crazy!  He is definitely on the move and keeps us on our toes.
  • has 2 new teeth coming in and 2 more right behind them.
  • said "mama" yesterday!  It was more of a "mamamamamama", but it was beautiful!
  • now goes to bed in his own room, but usually wakes up then ends up finishing the night in our room.  He's also waking up very early!  I've had quite a few wake ups at 4:30 a.m. in the last couple of weeks.  It's no fun!
  • continues to eat well.  We haven't found a food he doesn't like--yet.  He started eating Baby Mum-Mums (rice rusks) last week.  He really likes being able to feed himself.
I'm shocked I was able to get that picture above.  He doesn't still still for much of anything these days unless he's strapped down.
See what I mean...
This boy wants to stand!  He straightens his legs as if he's ready to pop right up.
Happy 7 months, Jonathan!


Pretty please!

Now that Jonathan is always on the move, he can easily get to Kaitlyn's toys.  Because of this, the words that most often come out of Kaitlyn's mouth these days are "No, Jonathan"!

(Embeded video)

At least this time she was semi-polite about it.  For now, we think it's cute.  I'm sure in the not so distant future it will drive us crazy. 


Prince Charming

You would think from looking at many of my pictures of Kaitlyn and Ron that I don't like their faces.
But some of my favorite pictures of them together are the ones where I've fallen behind and captured a simple moment.
A moment where Ron is teaching her something new.
Or simply enjoying the view with is favorite little girl.
I love to step back and watch him with her.
They have a special bond and it turns my heart into mush when I see the way she looks at him--her Daddy. He's her Prince Charming.
And he's also mine.


It's potty time!

Since Kaitlyn was about 18 months old, we've been working on potty training.  Nothing hardcore, just introducing her to the toilet, getting her used to sitting on it, talking about it, etc.  We bought her this Dora seat that stays on the toilet in her bathroom.

Since we've been in Israel, she's almost religiously asked to sit on the potty as we are rocking her at naptime and bedtime.  I know it is a stall tactic, but about 90% of the time she actually goes "cocky" and sometime "pee pee", so we can't exactly deny her request.  The problem is that's the ONLY time she'll ask to "go potty".  We decided it was time to get her a small toilet that she could use on her own.  After reading online reviews, I decided on this one:

It arrived on Monday and we gave it to her on yesterday morning.  She opened the box and excitedly said, "A toilet!!!!"  She loved it and immediately want to use it.  We're keeping it on the main floor of the house next to the bathroom.  I am so happy to report that she had great success with it on the first day.  She made "pee pee" twice in the morning and was so proud of herself.  She called Daddy at work to tell him, "I made pee pee on my new potty!"  The best part, she didn't even ask to use it.  She walked over to it, stripped off her pants and diaper and did her business.  Later in the day while I was out, the babysitter told me she went "pee pee" and "cocky"...again, all on her own.  Because she likes the potty so much, sometimes she'll spend a good 15 minutes alternating between sitting on the potty and running around the house in the buff.  When I tell her she needs to put her diaper back on, she runs back to the toilet insisting that she has to go potty.
"Can I have some privacy, Mom?"

The toilet bowl has sensors in the bottom that detect wetness, so when she pees a song plays.  We didn't get batteries installed until the evening so she didn't realize the potty would "sing" to her until she used it again before bed last night.  She was so happy to let me know that the "potty sings". 

I'm hoping the novelty of the fun, new potty doesn't wear off too soon and we make some progress in this potty training adventure.


Healthy, happy babies

Yesterday we took Kaitlyn and Jonathan for their 2-year and 6-month well baby checkups.  Kaitlyn did better than she has ever done at any other visit!  She willingly let the Health Practitioner check her ears, nose, throat, abdomen, etc.  She was so cooperative and naturally adorable!  She got one shot in her arm and barely flinched.  We are so proud of our brave little girl.
She loved her Disney Princess band aid!

Kaitlyn's stats:
Height: 34 inches
Weight: 26 pounds

Jonathan wasn't quite as cooperative and did a lot more crying. But who can blame him, the poor little guy got three shots. Luckily, he was back to his usual happy self later on in the day.
Jonathan's stats:
Height: 26 inches
Weight: 16 pounds 15 ounces


Getting Ready for Leprechauns

In my last post, I mentioned that I was preparing Kaitlyn for our first leprechaun visit.  Here's an explanation:

I had never heard of this until about a year ago when my friend Liane mentioned that her step-mom did this for Liane's little sister.  Since then, I've seen it all over the Mommy blogosphere and I love the idea!   Basically, a mischievous little leprechaun visits your house the night before St. Patrick's Day on the hunt for gold.  He wreaks havoc during his visit and plays little tricks--evidence that he has been there.  These tricks can include: turning the milk green with food coloring, turning the dining room chairs upside down, turning the water in the toilet bowl green, hiding your shoes...anything that your kids will think is silly.  The leprechaun will leave little treats wherever he's made a mess.  In the morning, the kids will discover the tricks played on them and will find little treats that the leprechaun left behind.

I bought the gold chocolate coins this morning, but I haven't decided which tricks our leprechaun will play.

I think it will be fun and I'm sure Kaitlyn will get a kick out of it.  As I read somewhere...why should the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny have all the fun?! :)

If you'd like some Leprechaun inspiration, check out these links:
How Does She? - St. Patrick's Day ideas
e-How: How to Stage a Leprechuan Visit
Life With a PreSchooler - Ideas


I want to coloring!

...is what Kaitlyn says when she wants to color.  We get out her markers and crayons, which are strategically placed out of her reach, some paper and she begins to dictate what she would like us to draw for her--a moon, flower, heart, etc.  She's always liked to draw lots of dots and dashes, never really caring for longer lines or attempts at actually coloring shapes in. (Not that I expected her to, I know it was just her normal developmental stage).  However, in the last month, I've noticed that her fine motor skills have really improved.  She has begun to fill shapes in with color and attempt drawing objects.  She'll scribble and a bunch of swirls and says, "Look, Mommy, a circle!"

Today when she told me she "want to coloring" I printed out some St. Patrick's Day coloring pages.  (I'm trying to teach her about the holiday in preparation for her first Leprechaun visit.  I'll post more about that tomorrow.)
I was really impressed with the lines she drew on the rainbow.
 And that she was actually trying to color-in some of the items on the page.

I know it's not a masterpiece, but I think it's pretty cool to see her developmental progress in this way. 

Oh yea, and her toes are blue.  "Look, Mommy, blue toes!"
No, she didn't color them in.  I painted them (with actual blue nail polish) last week.  She just happened to noticed that her marker matched her toes!
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