C25K Update

In my last C25K update, I mentioned I would be running my first race today, March 24, 2011---The Jerusalem Marathon.  Of course, I was only doing the 4.2k "fun run".  Several weeks ago, after giving it some more thought, I decided it wouldn't work for me.  I hadn't really thought about how long the drive would be, who would watch the kids, etc.  Then the events from Wednesday happened.  I got a few inquiries about whether or not I'd still run in today's race and I realized I never mentioned it on the blog.  So, no, I won't be racing today, but not because of the bombing.

We will still be racing on April 8th in the Tel Aviv Marathon's 10% race.  I'm currently on Week 7 of training, which has me running for 25 minutes straight.  I pretty much stick to one route for my runs and I love it because it takes me right along the beach.  There are only 2 weeks left of the program then I should easily be running a 5K...I hope!

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