I want to coloring!

...is what Kaitlyn says when she wants to color.  We get out her markers and crayons, which are strategically placed out of her reach, some paper and she begins to dictate what she would like us to draw for her--a moon, flower, heart, etc.  She's always liked to draw lots of dots and dashes, never really caring for longer lines or attempts at actually coloring shapes in. (Not that I expected her to, I know it was just her normal developmental stage).  However, in the last month, I've noticed that her fine motor skills have really improved.  She has begun to fill shapes in with color and attempt drawing objects.  She'll scribble and a bunch of swirls and says, "Look, Mommy, a circle!"

Today when she told me she "want to coloring" I printed out some St. Patrick's Day coloring pages.  (I'm trying to teach her about the holiday in preparation for her first Leprechaun visit.  I'll post more about that tomorrow.)
I was really impressed with the lines she drew on the rainbow.
 And that she was actually trying to color-in some of the items on the page.

I know it's not a masterpiece, but I think it's pretty cool to see her developmental progress in this way. 

Oh yea, and her toes are blue.  "Look, Mommy, blue toes!"
No, she didn't color them in.  I painted them (with actual blue nail polish) last week.  She just happened to noticed that her marker matched her toes!

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