It's potty time!

Since Kaitlyn was about 18 months old, we've been working on potty training.  Nothing hardcore, just introducing her to the toilet, getting her used to sitting on it, talking about it, etc.  We bought her this Dora seat that stays on the toilet in her bathroom.

Since we've been in Israel, she's almost religiously asked to sit on the potty as we are rocking her at naptime and bedtime.  I know it is a stall tactic, but about 90% of the time she actually goes "cocky" and sometime "pee pee", so we can't exactly deny her request.  The problem is that's the ONLY time she'll ask to "go potty".  We decided it was time to get her a small toilet that she could use on her own.  After reading online reviews, I decided on this one:

It arrived on Monday and we gave it to her on yesterday morning.  She opened the box and excitedly said, "A toilet!!!!"  She loved it and immediately want to use it.  We're keeping it on the main floor of the house next to the bathroom.  I am so happy to report that she had great success with it on the first day.  She made "pee pee" twice in the morning and was so proud of herself.  She called Daddy at work to tell him, "I made pee pee on my new potty!"  The best part, she didn't even ask to use it.  She walked over to it, stripped off her pants and diaper and did her business.  Later in the day while I was out, the babysitter told me she went "pee pee" and "cocky"...again, all on her own.  Because she likes the potty so much, sometimes she'll spend a good 15 minutes alternating between sitting on the potty and running around the house in the buff.  When I tell her she needs to put her diaper back on, she runs back to the toilet insisting that she has to go potty.
"Can I have some privacy, Mom?"

The toilet bowl has sensors in the bottom that detect wetness, so when she pees a song plays.  We didn't get batteries installed until the evening so she didn't realize the potty would "sing" to her until she used it again before bed last night.  She was so happy to let me know that the "potty sings". 

I'm hoping the novelty of the fun, new potty doesn't wear off too soon and we make some progress in this potty training adventure.

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