C25K Update: The night before race day

Tomorrow is race day and I am beyond excited!  The C25K program has been such a success and I still can't believe I'm able to run a 5K.  I'm technically on Week 8 (it's a 9 week program), but last week while near the end of one of my runs, I decided to keep going...and going...and going and I didn't stop until I ran 5K.  I was SO proud of myself--I felt great and best of all, I didn't pass out or worse, die!  It felt so good that I ran another 5K on Saturday.  Not only have I stuck to the C25K program, but I reached my goal sooner than expected.  Holla!!
I look forward to experiencing my first official race, although I won't be doing anything but trying to finish, not beat any time or person.  We're only running the measly, little 4.2K, but I'm as excited as if I were running the marathon.

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