Father's Day Trip to Jerusalem

On Father's Day, we decided to take our first trip to Jerusalem.  It's only about an hour and 20 minutes from us and we left right after church so the kids would have a chance to nap while we were on the road.  Our plan was to just go for lunch and walk around a bit and not worry about seeing any of the major sites.  There is so much to see in Jerusalem and we knew we couldn't do it all in one day and we weren't sure how much would be accesible with a stroller and 2 little ones.

We arrive just before noon and walked to Mamilla Mall where we had a nice lunch.  Luckily we were close to the Jaffa Gate so we headed into the Old City.  It was a maze of small streets and alleyways lined with colorful shops.

We happened to stumble upon the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.  In true Tambo Family fashion, we walked in and asked each other "What happened here?"  Ron and I are notorious for not doing enough research prior to visiting historical sites.  Much of our siteseeing in Italy consisted of us visiting a historical/religious monument, then stopping in the gift shop to quickly read up on the history.  In our defense, we didn't do much research this time because we didn't have a true plan for our day and didn't know which sites we'd even get close to.  We vow to really do our homework before we return!  However, with the little bit of reading we did the night before, Ron knew that this church was built over the place where Jesus was crucified and also contains the place where He was buried.
I didn't get many pictures inside, mainly because I wasn't sure if pictures were allowed and I knew I'd be back.
It was a very nice day and I'm glad we took the trip over there.  Next time we go, we'll be more familiar with the area and have a better idea on how to plan our day.
Those kids are lucky to have such a wonderful dad.  And I'm equally as lucky to call him my husband.  Happy Father's Day, Bubba! xo

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Charmaine said...

All of the photos are good, but I love the one of Jonathan with his feet propped up on the stroller, the one of Kaitlyn sitting with the "kids" reading and the Father's Day one of Ron with the two little ones.

Michelle, one of my daughters-in-law is the camera bug in their family, and Bill is it in ours, so the two of them are rarely in the photos. They have to make a point of getting one with them in it. :(

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