Hodge Podge Update

Last week, I took Kaitlyn to the park.  She was more interested in using the exercise equipment than the slides and swings.  Maybe I should take a lesson from her.
We have reached a new milestone with Kailtyn:

Naomi is a friend of Kaitlyn's who inherits many of the clothes Kailtyn outgrows.  She was much happier with the thought of Naomi getting her binkies instead of just throwing them away.  Whatever works!  The good news is, it looks like binkies are a thing of the past!  Sometimes when she's going to sleep she cries for a binky, but quickly calms down when I remind her that we gave them to Naomi.  Then when she wakes up, she's so excited to tell us that she doesn't need a binky.  It's only been three days, so I suspect she'll stop asking for them all together after a few more days.
This little guy is hilarious.  He's becoming more and more interactive and his personality shines more everyday.  He and Kaitlyn can really work themselves into a fit of side-splitting laughter.  It's awesome.

I've been trying to get this face that Jonathan makes on video for a while now. He doesn't do it as much as he used to and I was afraid the phase had passed and I missed out on my chance of recording it. Luckily, I had the camera out the other day and I was able to capture the goofiness.

Kaitlyn hasn't made much of any progress on the potty training front lately.  She's even stopped using the potty as a stall tactic before bedtime.  She has shown an interest in wearing big girl underwear and finally agrees to sit on the potty first thing in the morning.  A couple of months ago, a friend sent me some info on the 3-Day Potty Training Method.  She raved about it and I have since heard from other people that have used it and say it worked like a charm.  I would love to give it a try, but my problem is I don't know how to keep Kaitlyn by my side and run her to the potty at any given moment when I'm also focusing on Jonathan.  Just yesterday, Ron put her in underwear first thing in the morning.  We kept reminding her to tell us when she had to go.  As I removed Jonathan from his high chair after breakfast, Kaitlyn left the kitchen.  By the time I had Jonathan cleaned up and ready to go upstairs, I found Kaitlyn squatting in a corner.  Ron and I are thinking about maybe studying the material this week and giving the method a shot next weekend.  Because of the long weekend, Ron will be home to help keep a watchful eye on Kaitlyn and hopefully by the time he goes back to work on Tuesday, we'll be over the biggesst hurdle.  If we do decide to give it a go, it means staying home all weekend.  So, we'll see.
Remember what a superstar swimmer Kaitlyn was last year?  (To see proof, click here and here.)  It was awesome, but sadly it is no more.  She has completely lost her love for the pool and will only play on the steps.  We've tried to strongly encourage her, but she ends up miserable and wants to get out of the pool and go home.  She won't even let us hold her in the pool--she clings to us and cries that she wants to go back to the steps.  We've laid off a bit and just let her play and get comfortable with the water again.  In the last couple of days, we've seen some great progress.  On Friday, we got the video below of her putting her face in the water and and yesterday she allowed Ron to hold her in the pool and when she'd "boing him" on the head to make him go under water, she would hold her breath and go under with him.
And this guy did a whole lot of standing this weekend.  Video coming soon.
We had a nice relaxing weekend filled with time in the pool, quiet time, church and food on the grill.  Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Grandma said...

All to cute, they are growing so fast, Proud of Kaitlyn giving up the binky.
Love to all xoxox

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