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My apologies for the lack of pictures in this post.  If I waited to take the pictures, this post would never happen and there were some things I wanted to share and save here.  So, there ya have it.

My foot.
Just a few hours after my last post, I got more info.  It looks like we're back to NO surgery.  The last doctor to look at the x-ray said my type of break is a "dancer's fracture" and the proper treatment is 6-8 weeks in an aircast.  I'm really over all of the back and forth info, but it's my own fault.  I'm convinced that any given injury can probably be treated a dozen different ways and depending on who you ask there will be a different theory and chosen treatment.  I don't want surgery, but I do want a completely healed foot.  I saw my local orthopedist today and he said I no longer have to wear the boot.  Woohoo!  I have one more follow up in 6 weeks, then I should be able to start running again.  Yes!
Once we got back from our Miami trip, we decided it was time to get our kids sleeping through the night.  When Kaitlyn was younger, she was a fabulous sleeper, but had gotten worse since we spent last summer in Miami.  She'd go through bouts of 4:45am wake ups, then there was a bout of coming to our bed around midnight and sleeping with us for the rest of the night.  Jonathan had not slept through the night once.  I'm happy to report that we are in sleepy-time heaven these days!  Jonathan is now accustomed to being put in bed while still awake and will fall asleep on his own.  He then sleeps ALL night.  In the last week we've even had a couple of 13 hour nights.  Kaitlyn also goes to her bed and falls asleep on her own and even prefers it that way.  When she was sick a couple of weeks ago, she came to our room, but a few hours later woke up asking to go back to her bed.  Bedtime is a much smoother process now and Ron and I are able to enjoy our evenings earlier than before.
- She is such a goofball these days!  She's so funny and loves to laugh and make us laugh.  It seems like as soon as she wakes up in the morning, she's making silly faces or talking with a silly voice.
- Lately, she asks for her mommy/daddy.  She'll tell me, "I want to go see my daddy" or ask Ron, "Is my mommy downstairs?"  Luckily, the "Mom" and "Dad" phase seems to have passed for now.
- She has become a very independent little girl.  She often declines our offers of help and tells us, "No, I want do it aaaall by myself."  And she usually can.
- Kaitlyn wants everyone to know that he favorite color is pink.  Whenever we see something pink (a flower, her toothbrush, a toy in a store window), she exclaims, "Hey, my that's favorite pink!"
- Lately, Kaitlyn LOVES everything and wants to know who else loves it.  A couple of real examples:
K: "Mommy, what are those?"
Me: "Those are cookies."
K: "Oh, I love cookies.  Do you love cookies?" 

K: "What are you doing, Mommy"
Me: "I'm folding clothes."
K: "Oh, I love folding clothes.  Does Daddy love folding clothes, too?"
Me: "Not so much."
A few weeks ago, we went to a local nursery and bought some impatiens to add some color to our yard.  So far they've lasted and Kaitlyn loves taking care of them.  She's particularly fond off the ones that are her "favorite pink".
Ron's Godmother sent us a care package a couple of months ago and in it she included a starter herb garden.  I finally got brave enough to start a couple of them in my window sill.  We'll see how they turn out---I'm not so sure my little herb garden will be all that successful, I've never had very green thumbs.

And in really big news, yesterday while at our weekly play group, Jonathan took his first official step! He's been standing on his own quite a bit lately and as I took him out of his car seat, he stood for a good solid minute. A little later, I stood him up again and he took a step forward, looked around, then sat. More updates on him tomorrow.

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