Summer Fun = Outdoor finger painting

In my attempt to find more creative ways to fill our summer days (no, I didn't mean for that to rhyme) I bought a bunch of art supplies from Amazon.  Last week, our shipment came in and yesterday I introduced Kaitlyn to finger paints.  (We actually had a trial run with finger paints last week at a friend's house and Kaitlyn thought they were great.)  I didn't tell her what we were about to do, I just told her to get ready for a surprise.  I taped a piece of paper to the outside of our sliding glass door, covered her in an old t-shirt of mine and brought out the paints.  She was very excited!
Doesn't she look like such a big girl in that photo above?
Jonathan enjoyed the nice weather while he watched his sister's creativity play out on paper.
 The view from inside.
 Kaitlyn thought it was very exciting that she was allowed to clean her hands on her shirt.
I'm hoping to start a schedule of sorts for the summer where we have something semi-planned everyday. 
Along the lines of this:
Monday = Arts & Crafts Day
Tuesday = Play group & Pool Day
Wednesday = Baking/Cooking Day
Thursday = Get out of the house Day (park, mall, beach, etc)
Friday = Help Mommy Clean the House Day

I'm only kidding on that last one.  I haven't figured out a plan for Friday--it may just be a wing-it kind of day.  What are your summer plans?  Do you have a schedule for your kids?

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